A 10-year-old boy's new bicycle was stolen from the front of his home last week despite it being chained to a column. It was his second bike stolen from his Breazeale Street residence this year.

Jordan Davis told his mother that he didn't want another bicycle until they have a garage to keep it secure. His bright red and white Thruster bicycle he received as a birthday gift in October was stolen on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Jordan kept his new bicycle chained to a column on his front porch because his older bicycle was stolen from his yard in the spring.

"Someone cut the chain and took my bike last Tuesday [Nov. 5]," said Jordan, the son of Avia Jackson and Dennis Davis. "Whoever has my bike needs to bring it back because it costs a lot of money. It's not even dusty yet. I got it for my birthday on Oct. 10."

A police report was filed in connection with the theft.

Anyone with information was asked to call police at 601-656-2131.