Jail Docket as of Dec. 27 at 1:07 p.m.:

Patrick Reed, 26, 60 Valley Road, Cordova, Ala., possession of paraphernalia

Jackie Dunn, 32, 10391 Road 1535, careless driving, no proof of insurance, disregard of traffic device, driving with a suspended license

Jeremy Nowell, 36, 10203 Road 399, possession of stolen firearms, possession of paraphernalia

Selma Colter, 58, 910 Carver Avenue, public drunkenness

Ashton Edwards, 27, 10061 Road 266, Union, felony for malicious mischief, hold for N-1

William Tubby, 23, 887 Blackjack Road, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct-failure to comply, resisting arrest by struggle

Warren Ketcher, 24, 100 Red Oak Drive, public profanity, resisting arrest by struggle, public drunkenness, resisting arrest by fleeing, disorderly conduct-failure to comply

Stephen Moore, 42, 4514 Highland Park Drive, Meridian, serving 24 hours

Jerimick Roberts, 23, 234 Austin Street, aggravated domestic violence, hold for N-4

Dandrell Chamberlin, 33, 160 Chamberlin Road, Preston, driving under the influence second offense

Lannie Reed, 43, 385 Goat Ranch Road, driving under the influence first offense, careless driving, driving without a license

Tommy Houston, 59, 253 Adams Street, assault on an officer, disorderly conduct-failure to comply, begging, vagrancy, resisting arrest by struggle

John Harvey, 34, 11601 Marty Stuart Drive, Carthage, grand larceny

Jabari Goodman, 39, 319 Ivy Street, warrant for failure to pay violations

Kathy Clemons, 47, 125 Lagoon Road, warrant for failure to pay violations

Ray Falgoust, 26, 1174 Highway 304, Thibodaux, La., unlawful possession Class 3, hunting from public road Class 2, nonresident no license Class 0, Headlighting Deer Class 1

Stuart Reulet, 28, 1229 Highway 20, Thibodaux, La., unlawful possession Class 3, hunting from public road Class 2, nonresident no license Class 0, Headlighting Deer Class 1

James Somerset, 43, 3731 Manor Street, Alvin, Texas, improper lane usage, public intoxication, possession of alcohol in a dry county

Robert Gough, 38, 10021 Road 4316, Collinsville, contempt of delinquency or neglect of a minor

Joshua Henley, 23, 10792 Road 410, Union, trespassing, warrant for domestic violence-simple assault, domestic violence disturbing the peace, possession of a weapon by a felon

Adrian Willis, 31, 293 Industrial Road, public drunkenness

Malcolm Henley, 23, shoplifting

Edward McCarty, 26, 10501 Road 610, order of incarceration

Dustin Thompson, 19, Highway 21 North, hold for N-5, grand larceny

John Dodd, 33, 411 West Pearl Street, Macon, felony malicious mischief

Ashley Crapps, 26, 10162 Highway 482, warrant for two counts of petit larceny, warrant for telephone harassment, warrant for stalking

Marqueze Johnson, 23, 1066 Frog Level Lane #E-41, possession of controlled substance less than

Matthew Rogers, 28, 610 Ivy Street, hold for investigations

Omar Marquer, 52, 11601 Road 127, Union, hold for N-1