The jail docket as of Monday 1:39 p.m.:

Latonya L. Carter, 32, 10241 Road 454, warrant for contempt of delinquency or neglect of a minor

Terry Horton, 27, 5602 Highway 492, Union, contempt of failure to pay violations

Penny Frank Williams, 46, 6134, Raintree Drive, Memphis, Tenn., warrant for domestic violence/simple assault, warrant for trespassing

Charles K. Boone, 31, 36 Eastover Drive, domestic violence/strangulation, DUS, possession of paraphernalia, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle

Cory Hall, 102 Duplex Circle, Choctaw, public drunkenness

Sevena Chapman, 44, 316 McDonald Road, Preston, warrant for contempt of failure to pay violations

Andrew Holley, 30, 11580 Road 12610, hold for Circuit Court

Patrick Barnett, 23, 305 McRaven Street, hold for Circuit Court

Norris Carter, 37, 224 Lewis Avenue, serving time for drug court

Latausha Hynes, 33, 11431 Highway 21 South, warrant for failure to appear, two counts of contempt of delinquency or neglect

Johnny Stokes, 23, 10160 Road 365, warrant for credit card fraud

Shelia Brown, 49, 514 Henrietta Street, hold

Melanie Kirkland, 45, 11560 Road 383, driving under the influence other

Phillip Bougon, 48, 14941 Road 488, hold for court

Carmen Dean, 35, 10053 Road 296, Union, warrant for contempt of delinquency or neglect,

James Smith, 39, 10170 Road 545, two counts of simple assault

Joseph Robertson, 29,10622 Road 763, work program

Ken Thomas, 21, 1110 Weyerhauser Road, possession of a stolen gun

Elijah Foster, 19, 1610 Garland Avenue, Detroit, Mic., hold for #95

Joshua Pettus, 22, 581 Avery Road, Scooba, warrant for simple assault

George Townsend, 53, 10051 Road 1145, indictment for two counts of sale of a controlled substance

Joshua Aaron Fulton, 33, 10042 Road 2434, begin serving five years

Christopher Paul Walker, 34, 204 Sherwood Drive, petit larceny, pawning stolen property, computer luring of persons under 18 for sexual purposes, grand larceny, shoplifting

Dontea Bass, 22, 305 Pearl Avenue, domestic violence/aggravated assault

Brian Irvin, 28, 14930 Highway 488, serving 48 hours

Dustin Holley, 10323 Road 573, credit card or credit card number use with intent to defraud

Paul Stephens, 31, Weyerhaeuser Road Lot 11, bench warrant for Circuit Court

Victoria Wallace, 29, 12320 Road 325, Union, failure to appear

Quinton Lamar Sellers, 31, 611 Columbus Avenue, assault on an officer, domestic violence, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct

Terry Smith, 45, 103 St. Francis Drive Lot 1, possession of a controlled substance, hold #86, possession of paraphernalia, driving under the influence first offense, DUS

Maurice Boler, 19, 600 Walnut Street, possession of marijuana

Kendrick Jefferson, 21, 145 Bougtto Circle, public drunkenness

Kevin Chisolm, 48,162 Sharon Road, Canton, public drunkenness

Daniel Elmore, 20, 2330 Gomillion Road, Walnut Grove, possession of beer by a minor

Derrick Bailey, 33, 4310 Thomas Road, Baton Rouge, La., driving under the influence first offense

Denicia Hickman, 28, 11870 Highway 16, public drunkenness

Jackie Stokes, 30, 111 Wind Unit Road, warrant for contempt of failure to pay violations

Robert Smith, 4136 Old Highway 15, Decatur, public drunkenness

William Pearson, 20, 1570 Oswalt Road, Columbus, public drunkenness

Johnathan Hamilton, 32, 483 East Ten Mile Road, Pensacola, Fla., public drunkenness, possession of paraphernalia

Clifton Daniel McWilliams, 29, 10301 Road 1327, warrant for possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle, failure to pay violations

Billy Gordon, 43, 10201 Road 379, shoplifting

Kristi Bell, 26, 134 Oswald Road, driving under the influence first offense

Kimberly L. Edwards, 38, 283 Atkins Street, strong armed robbery

George Hasmon, 30, 105 St. Francis Drive apartment B15, warrant for simple assault

Roby Jackson, 57, 269 Beanett Street, driving under the influence first offense

Cody Warren, 18, Little Rock, possession of alcohol by a minor, resisting arrest by fleeing