Jail Docket as of Monday at 2:23 p.m.:

Tyler Buckley, 24, 266 Fox Avenue, burglary of a commercial building

Jeffrail Carothers, 23, 264 Fox Avenue, burglary of a commercial building

Jeffery Harrison, 25, 328 Hendrix Street, burglary of a commercial building

Jimmy Sistrunk, 38, 10120 Road 571, possession of a controlled substance, grand larceny

Ashley J. Johnson, 27, 13250 Road 404, hold for #62

Maranda N. Peyton, 20, 244 Martin Luther King Street, hold for #62

Haley Porter, 19, 3201 Albo Stamper Road, Conehatta, possession of paraphernalia, hold for Newton

Brandon Covington, 15, 40105 Macedonia Road, Hammond, La., hold for #86

Samuel Comby, 41, 171 Cobastone Road, Walnut Grove, hold for MDOC

John Clemons, 26, 451 Evergreen Street, hold for Tishomingo County

Ronald Carter, 45, 10420 Road 1355, warrant for simple assault

Jamie Anderson, 34, 10800 Highway 16 East, probation violation

Karen Woods, 30, 13430 Road 832, driving under the influence first offense

Christopher Backstrom, 51, 10231 Road 2622, warrant for failure to appear in court, driving under the influence other

Marcus C. Beamon, 34, 243 Bell Avenue, warrant for simple assault

Andraus J. Moore, 31, 283 Border Avenue, possession of stolen property

Danny R. Peden, 24, 261 Carver Street, possession of a controlled substance

Debra Fox, 12511 highway 195, burglary of a dwelling

Jeff Freyon Malone, 22, 281 West Atkin Street, warrant for simple assault

Chyna Nunnally, 20, 103 Evergreen Street, Port Gibson, hold for Circuit Court

Selma Colter, 58, 910 Carver Avenue, public drunkenness

Marty Williams, 37, 133 Decatur Road, Decatur, driving under the influence second offense

Kristy Graham, 28, 200 Byrd Avenue, felony false pretense

Charles Woolridge, 59, 10163 Road 444, warrant for two counts of molestation

Shundanka D.A. McMillan, 20, 230 Robin Hood Circle, warrant for suspended driver's license, warrant for eight counts of bad checks

Delvin Houston, 31, 201 Sonny Jones Road, driving under the influence first offense, warrant for driving under the influence, warrant for contempt of court

Jay Thompson, 23, driving under the influence second offense

David Dorsey, 61, 1894 Roper Road, Trussville, Ala., driving under the influence first offense

Vincent Moore, 22, 15621 Highway 15 North, hold for court

Kelcria Brown, 20, 1421 14th Avenue, Meridian, shoplifting first offense, shoplifting second offense, failure to comply

Leyshaun Davis, 19, 283 Border Street, shoplifting

Jody Solomon, 24, 976 Union Road, driving under the influence first offense refusal, improper turning, careless driving

Henry Clemons, 21, 430 Barham Street, domestic violence, disturbance of a family

Justin W. Pilgrim, 33, 12100 Road 610, possession of methamphetamine, hold for #80

Austin C. Dixon, 18, 11500 Highway 482 Lot 9, possession of methamphetamine, improper equipment, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle, driving under the influence other, possession of paraphernalia, contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Brian Justin Irvin, 28, 11852 Highway 488, driving under the influence second offense, open container

James E. Lewis, 30, 11271 Thompson Hill Road, Collinsville, hold for Circuit Court

Jessica McWilliams, 45, 408 Barham Street, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, failure to comply

Catherine Thomas, 48, 10380 Road 545, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, failure to comply

David Smith, 34, 12701 Road 505, public drunkenness

Michael J. Griffin, 30, 269 Martin Luther King Drive, hold for police department

Anna B. Stokes, 20, 105 St. Frances Drive Apt. 16, warrant for grand larceny

Michael Lee Barrett, 21, 522 Dorothy Street, hold

Steven Warren, 40, 1126 West Avenue Lot 8, public drunkenness

Ginger Willis, 32, 1126 West Avenue Lot 8, telephone harassment

Tironza Jones, 33, 605 West Walnut Street, begin serving eight years

Miranda Coleman, 22, 643 Reformation Road, Carthage, begin serving three years

Orlando Bell, 34, 118 Bell Drive, begin serving three months

Garald Johnson, 32, 176 Choctaw Road, begin serving 90 days

James Peeples, 28, 10716 Road 616, begin serving six years

Corey Rayborn, 25, 12410 Road 325, begin serving twelve years

Daniel Bradford, 36, Mount Olive, begin serving three years

James Leudis, 30, 11271 Hill Thompson Road, Collinsville, begin serving five years

Contina Henson, 40, 395 Loper Street, warrant for contempt of delinquency of neglect

CORRECTION: In last week's jail report, Angela Turk, 25, 555 Line Street, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and not with sale of hydrocodone, city-bench warrant FTA, simple assault.

CLARIFICATION: In the June 5 jail report, the Marquita Johnson with a warrant for failure to pay is not Marquita Johnson Warren, 30, of 614 Christine St.