The jail docket as of 3:04 p.m. on Friday:

Beaukkia S. Price, 20, of 10351 Road 610, possession of crack cocaine, possession of methamphetamine

Telethia Anne McCalister, 39, of 3137 Highway 16 West, serving 48 hours

John Nathan Davis, 26, of 10343 Road 383, serving weekend

Charles E. Monroe, 56, of 10290 Road 763, serving 48 hours

Joshual Quatez Jenkins, 23, of 10920 Martin Luther King Drive, Meridian, public intoxication, domestic violence/simple assault

Mary Jane Dixon, 56, of 121 Wolf Trail Ext., driving under the influence of alcohol second offense refusal, driving under suspended license

Julian Lydel McMillian, 26, of 10991 Road 765, driving under the influence of alcohol first offense

Ali Zachery Grady, 35, of 522 D Ivy Street, driving under the influence of alcohol first offense

Jessica D. Walton, 31, of 12641 Highway 21 South, 2 counts contributing to the deliquency of a minor or neglect

Corey Michael Rayborn, 26, of 12410 Road 325, circuit court, bench warrant failure to appear for cause, resisting arrest by fleeing

Chad Neese, 35, of 12372 Road 325, warrant petit larceny

Joseph Robertson, 28, of 14701 Highway 21 North, warrant failure to appear (littering) bondman only, simple assault on police officer, public drunk substance other than alcohol

Ralph L. McDonald, 31, of 100 Wells Place, domestic violence strangulation

Jerome Simmons, 48, of 229 Line Avenue, theft of utilities

Richard L. McCraw, 42, of 10531 Road 248, Union, shoplifting first offense

Reggie A. Carter, 34, of 524 Pleasant Valley Drive, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute

Kendall L. Hoskins, 26, of 1206 Kosciosko Road, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, hold

Amanda Day, 23, of Unknown, shoplifting

Jamillian Benamon, 22, of 401 South Lewis, accessory to shoplifting

Janet O. Rivers, 42, of 10080 Road 1525, felony child neglect

Samuel Ykeem Boler, 21, of 256 Lewis Avenue, possession of marijuana less than an ounce

Lejamie Hill, 20, of 308 Pearl Avenue, paraphernalia of scale, resisting arrest with struggle

Larry Glen Anderson, 50, of 10171 Road 318, warrant simple assault/domestic violence

Sammie Wade Tingle, 66, of 10881 Road 383, warrant simple assault

Michael J. Griffin, 30, of 269 Martin Luther King Drive, domestic violence strangulation

Cory Hall, 29, of 102 Duplex Circe, Choctaw, public drunk of substance other than alcohol

David McCarty, 26, of 278 East Myrtle Street, warrant aggravated assault

Rebecca B. Hayne, 67, of 3321 Inside Horseshoe Road, Tchula, attempting to obtain

Terry Rhodes, 29, of 4014 Laurel Hill Road, Carthage, possession of paraphernalia

Lashonda Lanier, 39, of 1635 43rd Street Ensley, Birmingham, Ala., possession of controlled substance in motor vehicle

Stacy Terrell Kidd, 38, of 4900 Quicy Street, Birmingham, Ala., public profanity, possession of alcohol, public drunk

Leon Thomas, Jr., 43, of 165 Choctaw Circle, Henning, Tenn., warrant contempt of court failure to pay fines

Edward R. Ruyack, 31, of 7214 Road 350, Meridian, bench warrant for drug court

Bryian Beamon, 36, of 5888 Wiggins Loop Road, Carthage, public drunk

Kendall Gill, 19, of 269 Adam Street, warrant simple assault causing body injury

Demarrco Jimerson, 21, of 1615 16th Street, Meridian, possession of crack cocaine

Tyrone Groves, 27, of 603 Walnut Street, malicious mischief

Virginia Beckham Kent, 39, of 1700 Linde Road Lot 66, Jackson, probation violation, warrant contempt failure to pay fines

Rudolph Howard, 67, of 10690 Highway 19 North, domestic violence disturbance

James Peeples, 27, of 10716 Road 616, domestic violence simple assault

Michael D. Townsend, 29, of 17291 Highway 15 South, trespassing, harrasment

William Craig Moffett, 48, of 6116 Causeyville Road, Meridian, warrant harassment, warrant stalking