The jail docket as of 6:32 p.m. on Sunday:

Douglas Jerome Young, 40, of 2210 19th Avenue, Meridian, driving suspended license, driving under the influence of alcohol first offense

Kevin Frank Savell, 47, of 10824 Road 2610, serving 24 hours

Britinay Gamble, 27, of 12151 BIA 0024, telephone harrasment

Dexter Devonte Jackson, 18, of 2043 Sarah Stamper Road, Decatur, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace

Monica A. Andrews, 22, of 10360 Road 288, Union, warrant failure to pay fines

Chasten Bank, 22, of 310 Beamon Road, Forest, driving under the influence of substance other than alcohol first offense

Jerome Simons, 48, of 229 Line Avenue, harrasment, stalking

Edward C. McCarty, 25, of 10501 Road 610, serving 48 hours

Melissa Carol Pearson, 34, of 10111 Road 1315, Union, disturbance

Justin Sullivan, 26, of 11310 Highway 25 South, Noxapater, warrant false pretense

Jordan Lee Frazier, 26, of 549 Decatur-Conehatta Road, Conehatta, public intoxication, resisting arrest by fleeing on foot, disorderly conduct

Alesha Jim, 37, of 549 Conehatta Decatur Road, Conehatta, disturbance of peace, public intoxication

Justin Clay Evans, 23, of 10370 Highway 492 East, Union, domestic violence/disturbance

Bonnie Mccune Green, 59, of 1066 Frog Level Lane M12, probation violation, begin 8 years in phyiciatric ward

Abranda White, 35, of 324 Beech Street, business burglary

Charles Christopher Wilson, 22, of 255 Lagoon Road, 2 counts failure to appear on bad check, warrant failure to pay fines

Tiffani Shantaye Boler, 29, of 436 Barhan Street, resisting arrest, domestic violence disturbance

Andrew Dandre Robinson, 28, of 12140 road 101, malicious mischief, sale of controlled substance, trespass first offense, disturbance of family

Victor L. McBeath, 20, of 12140 Road 101, malicious mischief, contempt of court failure to pay fines, disturbance of family, trespass first offense

Lameka Clemons, 22, of 102 Elm Street, warrant stalking, warrant harassment

Jaron Branning, 25, of 1066 Frog Level Lane Apt B20, assault on officer, resisting arrest by fleeing, accessory after fact

Shekara Young, 28, of 612 Ivy Street, simple assault causing bodily injury

Peggy McCrory, 26, of 13230 Road 614, false pretense

Monique Jarita Green, 28, of 10591 Road 842, harassment

Shauntella Latrice Marshall, 22, of 257-A West Myrtle, harassment

Jackie Dunn, 31, of 10391 Road 1535, contempt failure to pay fines

Jamie Dominque Radcliffe, 30, of 10790 County Road 149, driving under the influence of substance other than alcohol second offense

Joshua Glen Walton, 30, of 10050 Road 290, Union, warrant malicious mischief

Alisa Posey Myatt, 52, of 513 Lamar Circle, driving under the influence of alcohol first offense

Cristin Brooke Posey, 27, of 11661 Highway 488, warrant telephone harrasment

Jarrod L. Reynolds, 35, of 10851 Road 701, Union, domestic disturbance

John M. Thrash, 27, of 400 Conethatta Road, Conethatta, 10 counts malicious mischief

Morgan Billy, 23, of 102 Duplex County Road, contempt of court failure to pay

Stephanie Reeves, 29, of 20643 Highway 489, Union, harrasment

Ronald D. Meely, 45, of 1532 North Jordan Street, Carthage, warrant contempt of court, warrant false information

Eunice Estes, 50, of 10181 Road 1349, disturbing peace, interference with operation of school bus, obstructing traffic

Patrick Wayne Duell, 31, of 10131 Road 296, Union, serving time for drug court

Theodore E. Thomas, 50, of 977 Mils Road, Conehatta, driving under the influence of alcohol first offense

Michael Anthony Brown, 52, of 225 Lewis Avenue, driving under the influence of alcohol, second offense