The jail docket as of 6:18 p.m. on Friday:

William Dwight McKinney, 27, of 10231 Road 185, driving under the influence of substance other than alcohol third offense, possession of controlled substance

Joshua Andrew Sessums, 22, of 104 West Walnut Street, Union, driving under the influence of substance other than alcohol first offense

Michael Cade Parson, 27, of 601 Woodland Hills Drive, disorderly conduct, driving under the influence of alcohol first offense refusal, no seatbelt

Stephen Tyler Burnett, 27, of 1424 Street, Bogingville, public drunk

Vincente Reyes Cruz, 26, of 11241 Highway 485, statutory rape

Ian Benjamin Bispo, 36, of 10093 Road 2608, domestic violence second offense

Michael James Mingo, 25, of 247 Oswald Road, Choctaw, public drunk, disorderly conduct or failure to comply, possession of alcohol in a dry county

Howard Edwards, 43, of 277 East Northwest Avenue, warrant petit larceny

Kerri L. Raspberry, 36, of 10100 Road 602, Carthage, child neglect

Marcus Tubby, 44, of 105 Park Place, driving under the influence of alcohol second offense refusal, warrant failure to pay fines, driving under suspended license first offense, careless driving

Sean L. McWilliams, 40, of 408 Barham Street, warrant aggravated assault

Derrick Gennie Carter, 34, of 114 Vint Houston Road, Dekalb, driving under the influence of substance other than alcohol first offense

Trent Young, 29, of 324 Beech Street, domestic violence

Cory Hall, 29, 102 Duplex Circle, Choctaw, public drunk of substance other than alcohol

William Eliot Fuller, 43, of 10820 Road 616, disorderly conduct, seatbelt violation

Timothy Shawn Bozeman, 33, of 13871 Road 505, false prentenses

Gentle Green, 27, of 105 St Francis Apt B 10, malicious mischief, stalking

Barbara Gore, 49, of 1066 Frog Level, embezzlement

Sutanga Rex Cypress Sr., 30, of 261 East Myrtle, malicious mischief

Jennifer Roberts, 43, of 562 Center Avenue, telephone harassment first offense

Shauntella Latrice Marshall, 22, of 257-A West Myrtle, warrant malicious mischief

Shaquila L. Edwards, 24, of 257-A West Myrtle Street, warrant failure to appear, warrant malicious mischief

Herman Devon Bobo, 21, of 1126 West Avenue Lot 8A, simple assault

William J. Jayroe, 61, of 1020 Ingram, simple assault by fear

Warren Grant Ketcher, 23, of 130 Jim Road, warrant simple assault

Ralph Gipson, 46, of 407 Montgomery Avenue, contempt failure to pay fines

Christy Ketcher, 22, of 592 West Tucker Circle, warrant simple assault causing bodily injury

Ricky Shannon McKinion, 35, of 12641 Road 325, public drunk

Pamela Denise Johnson, 59, of 12323 Road 325, shoplifting first offense, possession of controlled substance

Chaddis D. Mcafee, 29, of 1015 West Beacon, domestic violence, disturbance of family

Betty Hudson, 57, of 228 Water Avenue, simple assault by fear

Memory Hunter, 39, of 835 Chestnut Street, shoplifting

Annisia Defrances Wilson, 25, of 7455 Lezelia Road, Marion, hold for drug court

Rodney Thrash, 75, of 426 Conehatta Road, Newton, warrant for 7 counts of malicious mischief

Andrew Miller, 22, of 851 Miller Road, Carthage, shoplifting

Samuel Ingram, 55, of 260 Triplett Ingram Road, Mccool, public drunk, disturbance

Spencer L'Scott Buckley, 21, of 10841 Road 610, harassment

Joshua D. Henley, 22, of 10792 Road 410, Union, warrant for harrassment

Douglas Jerome Young, 40, of 2210 19th Avenue, Meridian, driving under suspended license, driving under the influence of alcohol first offense

Kevin Frank Savell, 47, of 10824, Road 2610, serving 48 hours