Philadelphia Public School District is pleased to announce the members of the 2012-2013 Tornado Delegation.

Seniors are Antajh Boggan, Myeisha Jones, Brooke Long, Macy Martin, and Rebecca Prince. 

Juniors are Kaelin Gentry, Abe Mars, Karliscia Moore, and Gray Moorehead.

The delegates were chosen from over 20 applicants.

Each delegate endured a demanding interview process, which included delivering a speech on the topic of "What it means to be a Tornado."  

Under school guidelines, students chosen to serve as a delegate must be of good moral character, extremely dependable, have a friendly and outgoing personality, use good taste in dress and style, have a willingness to help others, possess strong leadership qualities, have good communication skills, and be free of disciplinary action.

Each delegate is required to devote time and effort into being a successful member of the team.  

The Tornado Delegation is sponsored by Director of Public Relations, Kellie Penson.

The delegates will serve as goodwill ambassadors for the entire 2012-2013 school year.

Duties will include community outreach, new student orientation, introducing guests at professional development days, and speaking about Philadelphia Public Schools at local meetings and events.

Delegates will travel to college recruiting days to meet prospective teachers, serve as tour guides for alumni during class reunions, and participate in several other public relations activities. 

All delegates are required to attend scheduled meetings and assigned events throughout the year including weekends.  

"We had an outstanding pool of candidates this year," Dr. Terry Larabree, superintendent said. "Those selected will do a great job of representing our district this year."

High School Principal Jason Gentry agreed.

"The faculty staff and administration of Philadelphia High School are extremely proud of the nine students that were chosen to represent Philadelphia High School as ambassadors four our school district," Gentry said. "Each student will play an important role for our school district in various capacities throughout our community and our state. These students understand the importance of each person's role for which they were chosen, and the responsibility that such an honor carries with it."

Kellie Penson said it was an honor to serve as the group's sponsor.

"Spending time with these kids and watching them grow is the best part of my job," Penson said. "It is awesome to witness them talk about our school with such knowledge and pride when we travel outside the city limits. They truly represent what it means to be a part of our Tornado Family."