Federal monies will be utilized to operate a summer session at Philadelphia High School for students needing additional assistance with their studies.

Director of Federal Programs Christy Rowcliff told the Board of Trustees that the school had received an additional $10,000 in Title 1 money and that, along with extra money in the budget, could be used to hold a summer session.

"We've not had a summer session in a long while," she said.

The session would be held in June every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and would be open to eighth through 11th grade students.

"It won't be open to everyone," Rowcliff said. "We'll only be targeting the students in need."

Interim Superintendent Robert Turnage later said that elementary school students would also be eligible to attend.

"It will be for students that have not mastered all the objectives needed to move up," he said. "The early grades will mostly focus on reading."

Turnage added that while he did not know the exact number of students that would need to attend, the number was not large.

The superintendent said there was a possibility that the summer session would be held annually but to do so would depend on the availability of funds.

"A number of schools do it every year and if it proves beneficial then I would like to see it done again," he said.

The motion was unanimously approved by the board.