A window was broken on a SUV after it was struck by what the driver believes was a bullet as she was turning onto west Main Street Wednesday afternoon.

The woman, who was driving with her two grandchildren in the vehicle, said she was turning off McKay Avenue between Fox Body Shop and Firehouse Bar-B-Que about 3:45 p.m. when she heard a loud bang.

"I didn't know the extent of the damage until I pulled into the Co-Op," she said.

She discovered that her back, third-row passenger window had what appeared to be a small bullet hole on one side. The other side had a larger shattered hole.

The police think it went in and ricocheted back out, she said. No bullet was found inside the vehicle.

The woman said the incident was very "scary" because her 7-year-old grandson was sitting in the second row when the alleged bullet entered the vehicle.

Police Investigator Bobby Patillo said on Monday that the case remains under investigation.

"We can't say for sure if it was a bullet," he said. "We're working on trying to determine what it was but we are working the case as if it was a shooting."

Patillo noted that kids have been known to throw rocks in that area.

If the object turns out to be a bullet this would be the 17th shooting incident in the city since early June.

Police urge that anyone with information call the station at 601-656-2131.