The city spent $2,300 in June to keep its prisoners in the Winston County jail, Mayor James A. Young reported to aldermen last week.

There were 38 inmate charged $25 a day.

“You could add another $200 in gas but I doubt it,” Young said.

Officials did not say if the number of inmates is up or down, but a new contract  with Neshoba County would have upped the charge to a flat $12,500 per month.

Alderman Jim Fulton questioned whether officers were giving warnings on misdemeanors and letting things go. City Attorney Robert Thomas said this is not the case.

“We came up with document other cities that are doing what we are doing, use,” Thomas said. “When the officer writes a ticket, he gives the person a court date. It’s a summons just like they’ve been to jail, posted a bond, and got out. If they don’t show up, Judge Amy Taylor is issuing a failure to appear warrant.”

The mayor said that anyone charged with a major crime, felony or DUI “is headed to Winston County. We don’t let anybody slide.”

In other business, it was indicated that a proposed Fireworks Ordinance should be ready for consideration by the Aug. 4 meeting.