A hearing for public comment on a property owner's request for a variance to allow a mobile home to be placed on Atkins Street was continued last week after a neighbor voiced opposition to it before the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Lina (Lilly) Mae Taylor asked aldermen to grant the variance so that she could place a single-wide mobile home on her lot at 273 Adkins St. She presented the board with a petition signed by 15 neighbors in support of the variance.

Gerald Crenshaw, a friend of Taylor's, spoke on her behalf, telling aldermen that she makes her living doing domestic work and that he and others were trying to help her have decent housing.

He said Taylor was currently living "under a slumlord" and needs somewhere decent to stay.

"We are going to help her," Crenshaw said, noting he had personally started clearing and grading the lot.

"If we can't help good, honest folks, then who will?" he asked.

Tawanna Henson, who lives next door to the Atkins Street property, voiced opposition and complained about the condition of the mobile home.

She told aldermen that the property had not been maintained properly in the past.

"I want it to be nice, decent and livable," she said.

Taylor objected to her comments, saying that Hinson and her family wanted her to sell the lot to them.

"I won't sell it," she said. "I go over there to clean it and she calls the police on me."

Aldermen voted to continue the public hearing until the next meeting, allowing them more time to examine the mobile home and the property before making a final decision about the variance.

In other action, the board:

• Accepted the bid of Waste Pro for twice monthly sanitation services at $8.99 per household. The board did not address whether or not the fee passed down to residents would be changed.

• Approved a beer permit for Depot Bowling.

• Rejected all bids on the 2003 Chevy pickup from the fire department.

• Transferred the pickup from the fire department to the cemetery department.

• Rezoned property at 1002 north Pecan Avenue from Residential-1 to Commercial-2 to allow for Cheer Etc. to construct a new facility.

• Approved a request from Adriana Burt to close Jefferson Street from Holland Avenue to State Avenue on March 29 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. for a private street party.

• Authorized the mayor to send a letter to MDOT requesting to activate the Pecan Avenue paving project.

• Reappointed Harold Colburn Jr. to the Philadelphia Public School Board for a five-year term.

•Accepted the resignation of Cherri Gamblin from the city school board and appointed Ben Peebles to serve the remainder of her term.

• Approved a $2,925 claim from Waggoner Engineering for professional services on the airport terminal building.

• Appointed Cheryl Mars and Billie Ruth Latting to the Historic Commission for four-year terms.

• Closed the water and sewer project bank account and transferred remaining money to Philadelphia Utilities.

• Declared as surplus a 1999 Dodge one ton flat bed truck and a 1972 120 CAT motor grader from the street department.

• Approved the purchase of three replacement sets of turnout gear at $1,792.23 each for the fire department.

•Suspended a city fireman for 24 hours for violating a major safety violation at the recommendation of the fire chief.

• Entered into an executive session to discuss an industrial matter. No action was taken.