A Choctaw Tribal member is dead and a Choctaw police officer was wounded after responding to a call last night, a Tribal spokesperson said.

The dead Tribal member was identified as Jordan Willis, according to Misty Brescia Dreifuss, director of the Office of Public Information.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Dreifuss said: "A Choctaw Police Department senior officer responded to a call for help on August 12 in the Pearl River Community that resulted in the officer being wounded and the death of tribal member Jordan Willis.

"The officer has received medical treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.

"As per protocol, the Federal Bureau of investigations was called in to conduct a weapons discharge investigation which is ongoing at this time."

She went on to say that, "No employee will speak on this matter."

Neshoba County Sheriff Tommy Waddell and Philadelphia Police Chief Grant Myers said they had no knowledge of the incident.