The Choctaw Tribal Council was briefed on an FBI investigation under way at Pearl River Resort in a meeting Tuesday morning closed to the press.

A Neshoba Democrat reporter was asked to leave a regular meeting so the council could hear the report, although the council had declined to go into executive session.

The Democrat reporter was singled out and asked to leave the meeting, although others remained.

Choctaw Attorney General Donald L. Kilgore told the council they needed to discuss "why the FBI is here."

Miko Beasley Denson asked that the matter be discussed in executive session.

Tribal Council member Kevin Edwards objected, saying he wanted the entire Tribe to know what's going on.

The council voted 12-4 to remain in open session, although the Democrat reporter was told to leave.

The meeting adjourned a couple of minutes later.

Ty Breedlove, a spokesman for the FBI in Jackson, would not confirm deny the investigation.

"We can not comment on that matter at this time," he said.

One Tribal Council member mentioned computer hard drives being taken before the Democrat reporter was dismissed.

Pearl River Tribal Council member Cyrus Ben asked the Democrat reporter to leave the meeting.

Ben told the Democrat Tuesday afternoon that he was just trying to protect the Tribe and its interests in case something negative was said. "I did not mean any harm," he said. Ben said he supports open government and transparency.

"We are in the dark as much as you are," he said of the FBI raid on the casino.

At the meeting Kevin Edwards was elected Vice Chief and Ben was elected Secretary Treasurer.

There was shouting and name-calling at the meeting.