For the second straight year, the Choctaw Housing Authority has won the Mississippi New Homes award, presented by the Central Electric Power Association and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The award honors the Choctaw Housing Authority for its work in providing newer, more energy efficient home.

The Housing Authority built 35 houses on the reservation this past year, the highest amount allowed through the housing program.

In attendance at the presentation Thursday were members of the Housing Authority, TVA, CEPA and the Tribe, which included Chief Phyliss J. Anderson, along with homeowners, architects and engineers.

Homeowner Marquita McMillan thanked the Housing Authority for providing the home she lives in.

A major point of the event was the emphasis on energy efficient homes.

Hal Brumfield, an architect who worked on the new houses, said that energy efficient homes were the future.

Clyde Prichard, of Prichard Engineering, said that the highest compliment for an engineering firm was to be chosen for the next round of jobs.

Prichard provided the engineering services for the Choctaw Housing project. His company, he said, focused on sustainability and environmental impact.