C Spire’s Glenn Gregory downloads “The Hobbit” trailer Friday, demonstrating the download speeds of the new 4G LTE network.
C Spire’s Glenn Gregory downloads “The Hobbit” trailer Friday, demonstrating the download speeds of the new 4G LTE network.
Philadelphia residents will now have access to faster data speeds with the launching of C Spire's 4G LTE mobile broadband services, the nation's only personalized network.

C Spire launched the next generation service on Friday, offering customers and businesses faster data speed and advanced capabilities.

Customers can enjoy a faster wireless experience with speeds up to 10 times faster than before, officials said.

In celebration, community leaders and organizers were invited to the local C Spire store, located at 10730 Road 375 at Williamsville.

Mayor James Young, Supervisors Kevin Cumberland, Keith Lillis and Kinsey Smith, and Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Director Tim Moore and Tourism Director Kaye Rowell were among those in attendance.

"The launch of C Spire's 4G LTE mobile broadband services in Philadelphia is good news for our city," Young said. "This announcement reinforces their commitment to providing our residents and businesses with access to the latest wireless technology, a wide variety of advanced devices, plans, apps and more."

During the event, officials conducted the first 4G data download to demonstrate the network's capabilities. They downloaded the movie trailer for "The Hobbit."

"We're pleased that local businesses and consumers in Philadelphia are in one of the first markets in Mississippi with access to the next generation of mobile broadband services," Bryan Templeton, regional manager of retail services for C Spire, said. "This technology will improve opportunities for taking care of business on-the-go and carrying out numerous mobile tasks at a pace that's significantly faster than consumers have ever experienced before on a wireless network."

Templeton later answered questions about the new network.

He noted that C Spire was the only 4G enabled providers in the area, saying speeds would be 10 times faster that AT&T's 3G network.

He said while currently the 4G network is isolated to the inner city of Philadelphia, by the end of the year it would grow to cover more of the area.

"With the new technology you have to let it grow," he said.

Philadelphia is one of 35 Mississippi markets that has received advanced 4G services since September 2012 and one of three that will be activated over the next several weeks.

Other markets include Vicksburg and Laurel. These markets cover 2,700 square miles, a population of 1.2 million and 388 cell sites.

"We're proud of our launch of 4G LTE services in Philadelphia," Templeton said, "But we're even more excited about continuing to contribute to the economic development of this region."