A Philadelphia woman reported a bullet piercing her windshield while driving late on the evening of July 4.

Acting Philadelphia Police Chief Julian Greer said they received a call around 10 p.m. reporting a gunshot had gone through a windshield at the intersection of Highway 15 and Fork Road.

Amy Dees Fanning was leaving the fireworks show at the casinos with three children in the vehicle. She said she was on Highway 15 when she heard a very loud “bang” and noticed the large crack in the windshield.

She said pieces of glass were all over the dashboard and the front seat and in the back seat.

“I did not know what happened or what it was just that it was really loud when it hit the windshield. I started pulling over shortly after when of the kids said they had glass on them,” Fanning said. “I was shocked.”

Fanning said that there were a lot of vehicles on the road, both leaving the fireworks display and coming towards her vehicle.

“I thought it was a lug nut or something at first,” Fanning said. “It did not even cross my mind that it might be a bullet.”

Fanning posted a photo of the windshield and bullet hole on Facebook, exclaiming, “Philadelphia is really not safe!!.”

Greer noted that reports of people firing off handguns to celebrate holidays is not uncommon.
“We know it happens, so that is a possibility,” Greer said.

Fanning received an outpouring of support. 
“Oh my goodness! Thank the Lord you're safe. God was watching out for you,” Kim Stewart Oliphant wrote.

Robbie Mcdonald was also one of roughly 50 people to offer condolences.

“Oh my goodness! That’s awful! So thankful you’re ok!”

Greer said that the case remains under investigation, though they do not believe this incident was targeted.
“We have talked to the victim and she filed a report. She does not believe she has any big problems with anyone and does not feel targeted, although this unpleasant experience did happen,” Greer said.