Current Boys & Girls Club on Byrd Avenue.
Current Boys & Girls Club on Byrd Avenue.
The Boys & Girls Club of Neshoba County will close its doors for the summer and reopen in a new location in August as part of a reorganization plan, its Board of Directors said during a meeting with parents.

The staff was told prior to the meeting that they could reapply for their jobs prior to the reopening.

Eric Prince, a board member and past president of the club, said the current plan is to close the doors on Wednesday, May 31 when the areas schools close for the summer.

"We plan to reopen in the fall and we're looking at two new locations," he said.

Prince noted that the undisclosed locations they are considering would be more accessible to kids and have more space.

"Right now, they're playing ball next to the street," he said, of the current facility on Byrd Avenue.

Prince added that after the move is complete, the staff will be able to reapply for their jobs. Other interested persons could also apply for positions with the club as well, he said, noting that he would like to see more males apply.

The status of the club was another topic of interest.

Board vice president Allen Hardy said the board was considering partnering with the East Mississippi Boys & Girls Club, which has been open for the past 20 years.

"They have a history of the community working with them and we might join in some form or fashion," he said, pointing to their expertise.

The proposed partnership is only in the initial phase and the two groups would have to have a formal meeting and get to know each other better before any official action is taken, Hardy said.

Mayor James A. Young, another board member, said the bottom line of the club's reorganization is to serve more children.

If not for the actions of the board, the club would have already closed down, he said.

"The club is going to be here," Young said.

During the meeting the board fielded questions from parents.

One mother asked if their child's personal information would need to be reentered with the club when it reopens.

Mayor Young said not unless the information had changed. If that did occur, he added, then the club would contact parents.

Another mother asked if the parents had already paid for their child to attend during the summer would the money be refunded or instead go towards when the club reopened.

Young said the club would do whatever the parents wanted.

After the regular meeting ended and the parents had left, the board remained in the room to discuss raising money for the club.

It was agreed that board members should be responsible for raising between $500 and $2,500 each year for the club.

The Boys & Girls Club of Neshoba County opened in 2008.

It is part of a nationwide organization founded in 1860 that puts a special emphasis on helping young people reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

The club's aim is helping children with homework after school, provide adult supervision and keep them occupied with constructive activities and out of trouble.

For more information check out or call 601-656-1050.