Former alderman Bobbie Jackson was appointed to the vacant Ward 4 position in a 3-1 vote last week.

Jackson will serve the remainder of Cecil Nichols’ term, which expires on June 30, after he died in January.

Jackson held the position until she was defeated by Nichols in 2009. Jackson is not a candidate in the upcoming municipal election.

Alderman-at-large Willie Jackson made the motion to appoint Jackson which was seconded by Ward 3 Alderman James Tatum.

Ward 2 Alderman Jim Fulton voted for the appointment, while Ward 1 Alderman Joe Tullos voted against Jackson.

Tullos told aldermen that he had no problem with Jackson, but noted that he previously nominated Cassie Henson “because she is a 33-year-old trying to raise two kids.”

Tullos, Fulton and Tatum voted for Henson at an earlier meeting, while Jackson voted present.

That appointment was vetoed by Mayor James A. Young, who said the appointee needed to be someone who would not be a candidate for the office in the upcoming election.

Henson is a candidate.

An attempt to override Young’s veto failed by a 2-2 vote.

Henson later qualified as a Democratic candidate for the post.

In other action last week, aldermen:

•  Approved a $2155.05 claim from NAFECO for turnout gear for the fire department to be paid from the Fire Insurance Fund.

• Approved building official Jay Eakes to attend a BOAM conference in Bay St. Louis on June 12-16 and pay registration fee and travel expenses.

• Reappointed Russell Bennett to the Philadelphia School Board for a five-year term.

• Appointed Shannon Morrow to the Tourism Board for a five-year term.

• Re-appointed Mike Tinsley to the Airport Board for a five-year term.

• Approved a resolution directing the sale and award of combined water and sewer system revenue bonds for Philadelphia Utilities, series 2017A in the principal amount not to exceed $1,200,000 and a resolution authorizing the form of, execution of and distribution of an official statement pertaining to the bonds.

• Granted a variance to allow transient vendors in the businesses of food sales to operate from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

• Approved a five-year variance for property at 525 Ivy St. from Residential 1 to Commercial 1.

• Approved a request to rezone property of Olen Burrage Jr. off Mississippi 16 west from Residential 1 to Commercial 3.

• Approved a $315 claim from Mississippi Department of Health for EMT certification.

• Employed Heather Kennedy and Bryan Whitley as needed for software support during the 2017 municipal elections.

• Approved city clerk employee Nikki Walton to attend clerk training in Hattiesburg on March 17 and pay travel expenses. There is no cost for the training.

• Authorized the purchase of three new police cars.

• Reappointed Kent Stribling to the Park Commission.

• Booked 15  hotel rooms in Picayune for March 20-25 at $91 a night for a swift water technician class at the request of the fire chief and paid a $3,700 course fee to be reimbursed by a Task Force Grant.

• Booked 16 hotel rooms in Picayune for April 21-24  for  $91 a night for swift water technician class at the request of the fire chief and paid a $3,700 course fee to be reimbursed by a Task Force Grant.

• Paid Task Force Two’s portion of a structural collapse course in Olive Branch April 3-10 totaling $9,333.33 to be reimbursed by a Task Force Grant.

• Pre-approved several special section ads in The Neshoba Democrat totaling $2,715.

• Approved a new telephone system by CSpire at Fire Station #3.

• Closed several downtown streets, the same as in previous years, for Ham Jam on April 6-8.

• Amended the capital outlay of the Police Department by $32,000 to purchase three new patrol units.