After being open for less than six months, 424 Blues Café on Beacon Street has closed its doors, at least temporarily.

Owner Lenard Ingram said the restaurant closed its doors last week, but not for good.

"We plan to reassess the business," he said, citing mechanical, personnel and managerial issues.

Ingram added that when he opened last year he didn't want the business to take up all his time.

"I wanted it to run without my supervision," he said. "In 90 days, the crew couldn't pull it together."

Ingram said that he will soon be taking a trip to California and decided to close beforehand "so nothing bad could happen."

He hopes to find someone to lease the business to with talks already underway with a few interested parties.

"I fully expect to reopen in the future," he said.

Mayor James Young said he was disappointed to see the new business close so soon after opening.

"I hope they're regrouping," he said. "It was a great investment and a great addition to the community and I hope they're gonna come back."

The restaurant opened this past October after undergoing a major renovation.