A vehicle fire last Thursday has been ruled as arson by the Philadelphia Police Department, the newest in a series of arson fires starting in November.

Police Chief Grant Myers confirmed Monday that arson was suspected in a car fire reported on Jan. 27 at 9:37 p.m.

Firefighters and police responded to a residence on Carver Avenue and found a black Acura on fire, he said.

Investigator Shereeka Gray said the back and front seats were burned.

"The body of the car was OK," she said.

A gas can was discovered next to the vehicle, burning alongside the car, she said.

Gray added that a witness reported seeing a male running away from the scene after the fire started.

"No arrests have been made but we are following up on leads," she said.

This is the most recent case of arson reported in the city since Thanksgiving when the home side concession stand at Philadelphia High School burned and a fire was started outside a business on Main Street.

Both incidents occurred within minutes of each other.

Chief Myers confirmed Monday that no arrests have been made in any of the arson cases.

Evidence from the concession stand at the high school pointed to arson, after a candy sucker was discovered a few feet from the scene.

City Fire Investigator Steve Copeland said that results from the state crime lab found no accelerants at the stand and no fingerprints could be pulled from the sucker.

At McKee's Gun and Pawn, on east Main Street, a pair of weed eaters and a security screen were damaged by the fire. The building itself sustained no damage.

A suspicious fire was also reported at a trailer on Ivy Street in December.

Copeland said the fire started in a bedroom of the unoccupied trailer, causing heavy damage to that side and smoke damage throughout.

Copeland asked that any citizen with information on these cases to call the police at 601-656-2131.