An alleged meth dealer was arrested along with a woman late Friday in a Sheriff’s Department raid on a home in southwest Neshoba County.

Charles Burton Bond, 52, 10190 Road 349, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) with intent to distribute, said Neshoba County Sheriff Tommy Waddell.

The Sheriff said deputies executed the search warrant late Friday afternoon on the home Bond lives in and discovered a large quantity of crystal methamphetamine along with a digital scale and lots of small plastic zip-lock bags.

While deputies were executing the warrant, a woman appeared out of the woods with a loaded needle of methamphetamine, officials said.

Waddell said that while he did not have an official weight, they were “pretty good chunks” of meth.

Meth is the No. 1 drug of choice in the area and most of it is being smuggled from Mexico, said Neshoba County Sheriff’s Investigator Kevin Baysinger.

There aren’t any known meth labs left in the county, he said, because the drug is so easy and cheap to obtain at $300 to $500 an ounce. A $20 buy is day or two high, according to those knowledgable of the drug.

Deputies also arrested Lisa Jones, 35, of 11921 Road 355 with possession of drug paraphernalia. She was the one who appeared out of the woods with the loaded needle of methamphetamine.

Deputies also arrested Keith Nash, 31, of 1081 Road 1321 Union, and Aaron Bailey Posey, 36, of 1116 Kosciusko Road, at the scene. Both men had active warrants out of other jurisdictions, Waddell said, but they were not charged in the Neshoba County raid.

In addition to the drug related items taken as part of the warrant, Waddell said deputies also confiscated a surveillance camera set up to monitor the driveway.

Waddell said that the camera did not have video recording capabilities and appeared to be used to ascertain who was coming and going on the property.

Deputies also seized a number of road signs and stop signs that Waddell said appeared to have been stolen from roads around the county.

Bond was being held on a $25,000 bond in the county jail.