Two suspects are behind bars after a county jail administrator spotted the duo burglarizing a home on his way to work.

Neshoba County Sheriff Eric Clark said County Jail Administrator Jonathan Dearing tipped off deputies after he observed two women breaking into a house during his Jan. 10 commute.

Megan Warren, 33, of 12381 Road 759, was arrested and charged with petit larceny and Kelli Davis, 34, of 10751 Road 4521, was also charged with two counts of petit larceny, burglary of a dwelling and a hold for further investigation.

Dearing observed one female exiting the residence with property from the home. Another female was found collecting items from a nearby building. Both females were taken into custody. 

After further investigation, Davis was charged with burglarizing an unoccupied dwelling and one count of petit larceny. Davis was found to have broken into a home across the road just weeks earlier, Clark said.