Thru-trucks will no longer be allowed to use Pecan Avenue, directing them now to the bypass.

At its last meeting, the Board of Aldermen unanimously approved closing Pecan Avenue to all "thru-truck traffic."

Thru-trucks refer to all large transport trucks that are just passing through the city with no intended stops.

Board attorney Robert Thomas said the new rule would not apply to any large truck intending to stop at a local business to make a pick-up or delivery, only those "just passing through."

The change came nearly two years to the day that the board opened up the street to all large truck traffic after a nearly 10-year ban.

Joe Tullos, outgoing Ward 1 Alderman, brought up the change citing how large truck traffic was damaging the road, especially in the wake of the recent resurfacing project.

In 2011 the change was made at the request of David Vowell, president of the Community Development Partnership, who cited a need to reduce fuel costs and travel time for truckers associated with business and industry, both present and prospective, including those associated with AlphaGen.

Tullos pointed out that the AlphaGen project, which would have caused an increase in truck traffic, had not panned out.

"We did it [allowed large truck traffic] to bring in industry," he said. "But the industry hasn't come. We should have let it alone."

Ward 4 Alderman Cecil Nichols expressed some concern over how the city could enforce the new rule, asking if the board intended to check every trucker's destination.

Mayor James Young rebuked Nichols saying police would have to use their judgment on who to stop.

"We will catch some doing it," he said.

In other action, aldermen:

• Paid claims.

• Accepted Marion Evans' bid of $1,100 for a 2003 PT Cruiser; other bids included Walter Hardy, $410, and Jonathan Davis $500.

• Paid $6,272.58 to Waggoner Engineering for services on the new terminal building.

• Accepted a $350,200 grant from National Resources Conservation Services with a 75/25 match, for projects along Border Street, Beacon Street and along the ditch by Neshoba County Hospital.

• Approved a resolution commending Peggy Webb.

• Accepted the road next to Tractor Supply as a city street.

• Accepted the resignation of Ryan Crawford from the cemetery department.

• Hired Andrew Savell at the cemetery department.

•Accepted the resignation of Michael Stepp from the street department.

• Hired Keith Thrash to the street department at $9 an hour and hire part-time bush hogger Robert McDaniels.

• Paid $1,600 to help with expenses to allow the WIN Job Center to relocate in the incubator.