Two people were indicted by a Neshoba County grand jury in connection with a series of burglaries which occurred in the city and county late last year.

The most recent one was a mid-afternoon burglary at a residence on Rose Street on Dec. 19.

Karla Renee Ellingburg, 20, of 10810 Road 468, and Matthew Kyle Smith, 24, of 4365 Claude Peck Road, Gainesville, Ga., were indicted for burglary of the house on Rose Street where several items were taken including a flat screen television and a safe.

Ellingburg was indicted for six other burglaries and Smith for seven others, two of which were at the same residence in the county.

The grand jury returned 51 indictments during its January session, examining 136 witnesses.

Other indictments handed down and processed by law enforcement included:

• Kefus Henderson Jr., 19, of 621 Walnut St., possession of more than 250 grams of marijuana.

• Eric Duane Davis, 23, of 120 Patrick Dr., driving under the influence of alcohol, third subsequent offense.

• Daniel Hembree, 27, of 10361 Road 359, burglary of a church.

• Jacob Ryan Dove, 17, of 10720 Road 149, burglary of a church.

• Shatoya Seales, 20, of 11551 Highway 16 west, and Crystal Clemons, 20, of 201 Rolling Hills Road, taking away a motor vehicle.

• Derreck Lee Wilson, 52, of 109 Indian Hills Spur, failure to register as a sex offender.

• Rachel Denise Cotton, 35, of Lot 1, St. Francis Drive, driving under the influence of alcohol, third subsequent offense.

• Terrace Terrell Robinson, 26, of 403 McFarland St., Carthage, fleeing a law officer in a motor vehicle.

• Brittney Shay Thrash, 26, of 966 Cake St., Meridian, prescription fraud.

• Juantray Keon Cleveland, 21, of 399 Clyde Ave., sale of cocaine.

• Terrance Miquel McInnis, 30, of 227 Wilson St., possession of cocaine.

• Jarita Monique Green, 25, of 610 West Walnut St., grand larceny.

• Jennifer Lee White, 27, of 10480 Road 565, burglary of a dwelling house.

• James Michael Minniece, 436 Center Ave., burglary of a house.

• Tadise Raymanuel Seales, 30, of 401 Austin St., grand larceny. He was indicted as a habitual offender.

• Dawaskai L'Sha Anderson, 29, of 816 Chestnut St., strong-arm robbery.

• Nigell Quotez Lewis, 23, of 10341 Road 1361, possession of cocaine.

• Randy Allen Webb, 49, of 17414 Highway 19 south, failure to register as a sex offender.

• McCedrick Laron Harrington, 24, of 215 Border St., Union, possession of cocaine.

• Jimmie T. Harrison, 34, of 385 Loper St., sale of cocaine.

• Kenny R. Haynes, 39, of 601 Dallas Street, Apt. 4, possession of more than 30 grams of marijuana.

• Bo Watson Joe, 26, of 671 James Billie Road, possession of more than 30 grams of marijuana with intent to distribute.

• Spencer Nickey, 26, of 931 Pecan Ave., driving under the influence of alcohol, third subsequent offense.

• Samantha Fortenberry, 21, of 10641 Road 454, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

• Harold Pete Bozeman, 52, of 1102 Robinhood Circle, Count I, sale of Alorazolam; Count II, sale of hydrocodone and acetaminophen.

• Chris Kyzar, 31, of 131 Woodland Glen Circle, Brandon, grand larceny.

• Randy Moncrief, 29, of 10351 Road 610, Count I, sale of less than 30 grams of marijuana; Count 2 counts of sale of cocaine, habitual offender.

• Terrance Rush, 30, of 10431 Road 608, possession of more than 30 grams of marijuana.

• Michael Triplett, 24, of 241 Cora St., statutory rape.

• Ray Houston, 47, of 916 Martin Luther King Dr., indictment for burglary of a storage building, habitual offender.