At least four Philadelphia churches were burglarized over the weekend and authorities have yet to determine if anything was taken.

Police Investigator Bobby Pattillo said on Tuesday that four break-ins occurred at four different churches over the course of the weekend. He said that East Philadelphia Baptist and Philadelphia Church of Christ were both broken into in the “wee hours” of Saturday, June 29. The break-ins were reported later Saturday afternoon.


Monday morning, two more church break-ins were reported. Pattillo said that Trinity Baptist Church on Center Avenue and South Side Methodist on Range Avenue reported break-ins just minutes apart on Monday morning.

“It was the same thing at every scene. They called us and we responded and determined where entry was made and got investigators over there,” Pattillo said. “At this point, we have not identified anything that was stolen, though some churches are still taking inventory. These cases remain under investigation.”

Retha Hillman, a secretary at Trinity Baptist Church, was the one who discovered the break-in. She said nothing was taken though the burglars did leave a mess.

“We have not discovered anything missing,” Hillman said. “They did go through drawers and closets and left a mess. They also broke a few doors.”

Hillman said that they have security footage from the break-in that shows more than one suspect with their faces covered.

“All I know is we showed it to the police but I do not know if they were able to learn anything from it,” Hillman said.

Sheriff Tommy Waddell said that he had not been informed of any church break-ins in the county.

A staff member at East Philadelphia Baptist who requested he not be named said that they are still trying to determine if anything was stolen and did not have a lot to report at this time.

“There is not much to say. We were broken into and it is unfortunate and we wish it didn't happen,” he said.

Pattillo encourages anyone with information regarding these incidents to call the Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 855-484-8477.