Two car dealerships were burglarized again over the weekend, the same two that were targeted two weekends ago. 

Philadelphia Police are looking for suspects and trying to determine if the incidents are connected.

Detective Bobby Pattillo said that P&W Auto Sales on Holland Avenue reported its second burglary in as many weeks on Saturday, Nov. 2. 

He said on Monday morning they also received a report from A&M Auto Sales on West Beacon Street reporting another break-in over the weekend.

“All I can say is we are working on it. It is possible that these instances are connected. The case remains under investigation and we are trying to identify suspects,” Pattillo said.

He said that nothing of value was reported stolen in either instance, though some items were taken from P&W where entry was made through a back window that was broken.

Pattillo said that the same two businesses were reported broken into two weekends ago.

Officials reported last week that a 2013 Ford Fusion and a small amount of cash were taken from A&M.  

The thieves took the keys to the vehicle from the building.

The Fusion was found abandoned at Westside Park with minimal damage and has been released back to the dealership.

The Democrat reached out to Cass Green, who runs P&W with her grandfather Willie Green, last week. She said that nothing of significant value was taken from the office. 

A change jar and some of Green’s children’s toys were taken, including two Transformers masks that the burglars used to hide their identity after gaining entry to the premises by breaking the glass window on the back door.

“They did not get anything significant, just a few insignificant items,” Green said last week. 

“I want people to know that we do not leave anything significant in the office after we leave. There are no money, keys, titles or checks left on the premises when we leave every day.”

Pattillo said on Tuesday that they are reviewing surveillance footage from both instances at P&W.

The burglaries two weeks ago were the first incidents on auto lots in about a year, Pattillo said.

All four instances remain under investigation.