Police are searching for two suspects involved in an early morning burglary at a convenience store on Holland Avenue where around $5,000 was taken.

Police investigator Fredesz Moore said that on Wednesday, Dec. 26 at 1:30 a.m. two suspects entered O'Neal's, 1006 Holland Ave., through a glass side door.

"They used a large piece of asphalt to break the glass," Moore said.

The suspects took two bags of money containing around $5,000.

The bags were hidden in a secret location inside the store, Moore said, without reiterating.

"Nothing else was taken," he said.

Police Chief Bill Cox said while they have security footage of the incident, the suspects have not been identified.

"They were covered up," he said. "We're trying to determine who they are.

"We believe, however, that one of the suspects was a white male."

Both Moore and Cox said they were following up on leads.

Cox asked that any citizen with information pertaining to the case to contact him or Investigator Moore at 601-656-2131.

Cox also cautioned residents to be observant at stores and other retail areas.

"Be mindful of who's around you and your vehicle," he said. "Be observant."