A teenaged girl, whose body was found on the side of Mississippi 16 east early Tuesday morning, has been identified, Sheriff Tommy Waddell said.

Ilennae Williams, 19, was found about a mile outside of the city limits on Mississippi 16 east, Waddell said.

She was pronounced dead at Neshoba County General Hospital, the sheriff said.

Waddell said his department is currently awaiting autopsy and toxicology reports though Williams suffered extensive injuries to her body.

He said they are currently interviewing different witnesses.

"One witness was traveling west bound and saw her walking on the edge of the road," Waddell said. "She was wearing dark-colored clothing and the witness said they didn't see her until they were right up on her."

A 911 call was later made at 2:11 a.m. reporting a body on the side of the highway, he said.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Neshoba County Sheriff's Department is currently investigation the matter.