A drifter has been arrested and charged in one of several reported vehicle thefts in Neshoba County.

Timothy Caleb Smith, 18, was arrested and charged with felony possession of a stolen vehicle by Neshoba County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Kenny Spencer last Thursday afternoon in a traffic stop on Beacon Street.

The vehicle was a 2006 silver Chevy Camaro reported taken from Bobby’s Auto Sales on Mississippi 485 the weekend of Sept. 14.

Neshoba County Sheriff Tommy Waddell said that the suspect had been spotted driving the vehicle before the stop was made.

“The driver was arrested and the vehicle was recovered with minimal damage,” Waddell said

Smith remains in the Neshoba County Jail. Waddell said that the suspect was effectively homeless.

The vehicle, he said, had been stashed somewhere in Kemper County and was being moved to a second hiding location when the arrest was made. The investigation continues in a number of vehicles that have been reported stolen in the county.

A Camaro and two trucks have recently been reported stolen in the county.

Waddell said that they are investigating a truck that was stolen from a residence in the Dixon community that Sunday, Sept. 15. It is described as a 2000 White Chevrolet pickup stolen off Road 121. Witnesses could not identify a white male with black cap who was seen near the robbery.

He also said that a pickup was stolen a couple of weeks ago from the Arlington Community.

It was an F-150 silver and gold with a black toolbox, Blues Trail tag number 1618 and Pickin N Grillin tag on front was stolen on the morning of Sept. 8, according to social media accounts.

Residents in Arlington, especially along River Road, were urged to be vigilant on Sept. 12 in a social media post after someone spotted a white Ford Expedition older model driving very slowly down the road “checking stuff out.” 

When the person caught up with the driver he was “almost stopped at another house looking at their stuff saw me coming up behind him and tried to take off. I got license plate (number) headed up 19 north”