Rather than commemorating the 50th anniversary of integrating Ole Miss, James Meredith is on a mission to expose moral decay in society, particularly in education.

Mr. Meredith stopped by the Democrat in July to say he's attempting to visit every newspaper and every county in the state to deliver "God's message for our time," which in part is that public education in Mississippi is worse now than it was 50 years ago.

Meredith is preaching personal responsibility, the evils of government and the absolute necessity of a free press.

Declaring his mission in life henceforth is to focus attention on the public school system which has "virtually become ineffective," Mr. Meredith addressed some of his newfound skeptics, some of whom previously congratulated him for his great courage and intellect but now dismiss him as a loon.

What Mr. Meredith said is that being a conservative black man does not fit the liberal narrative and many of his old friends think he's crazy and they won't have anything to do with him now.

He said the real problem with our education system is the "almost total moral character breakdown."

"You know there is a widespread thing of James Meredith is crazy, you understand," Mr. Meredith said. "I mean there was a point and time where the (black) leadership actively took the position that any black who got out of line was automatically crazy and that still prevails in terms of (political) orientation.... and that's my greatest fear."

He went on to say he has pledged the rest of his life to delivering the message of how to make God's will on Earth as it is in Heaven, as taught by Jesus Christ. "It's just that simple," he said. "It's so simple most people just won't accept it." He said it's so simple people keep reading and looking for other answers besides Christ.

Rarely do we hear people talking openly about what Jesus has done in our lives - and we should.

But as Mr. Meredith said, you can "only tell others what God did for you. It's up to them what they do."

It is the Lord who calls us by grace through faith, which is a free gift, I would add "Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to thy cross I cling," that old hymn goes.

The emotion in Mr. Meredith's voice in July made his conviction palpable and the isolation he must have felt 50 years ago Monday after a bloody night of rioting when he integrated Ole Miss and even the isolation today real.

A comment of mine that Mr. Meredith's Mississippi Public Broadcasting interview on Monday covers what Jesus has done in his life and may explain why his lib friends think he's lost it drew a predictable Facebook rant or two.

But the Dems did have a little problem putting God back into the party platform last month.

Pure liberals have been trying to dismantle religious, political and academic institutions since the French Revolution, the forerunner to modern secularism.

Do the liberal elites agree that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified, died and was buried, and on the third day He rose from the dead?

Mr. Meredith is not off his rocker. He has a clear message of Faith and reform to free people from the bondage of government (and sin).

His message on MPB was essentially the same as in July and as he told Bill Jacobs at the Daily Leader in Brookhaven in June.

He did leave his lights on and one of my brothers and a friend - who had been waiting to visit - and I jumped Mr. Meredith's late-model car off in the middle of town with a Ford F-250.

Crazy Mr. Meredith is not.

His son John was on a panel with U.S. Marshals at Ole Miss on Monday and called for an end to "self-segregating" organizations, much like his dad's call to end black alumni associations.

They will probably call John Meredith crazy, too.

Call me crazy, too.

I am a constitutional conservative and believe in the Founder's vision of limited government and liberty for all with certain inalienable rights. The Republicans have their own Big Government problems, but at this time best represent my principles and ideals of government.

Mississippi Democrats claim Meredith, but he boldly rejects what the national Democrat Party stands for and that makes him an anomaly among African-Americans, which Dems fear deeply.

James Meredith told me he's hoping that between now and when the Lord calls him home he'll "get one more 15 minutes of fame and be able to say something."

Jim Prince is the editor and publisher of The Neshoba Democrat. Follow him on Twitter at: @jimprincems.