Party loyalty rules DC

To the editor:

Your editorial "Stoning the Tea Partiers" was right on the money. Congress does not listen to those who elected them, as intended by our founding fathers. Rigid Party loyalty rules our lawmakers.

Congress used to be "the smartest guys in the room." Not any more.  

ObamaCare, as we have seen in the first four weeks, is not working as advertised.

 The web site doesn't work,  insurance premiums are rising dramatically, policies are being cancelled. None of which was forseen by these smartest guys in the room.

The president's promise "you can keep your doctor, period" may be true but you can no longer afford to because you no longer have insurance or the deductibles are too high.

The TV talking heads say be patient, it will work eventually.  In this land of 316 million people I have yet to hear a single positive result. Surely the national media can find one success story.


Keep writing the truth. I seldom agree with your views on local politics but your editorials on National politics are well written and refreshing.

Chris Rowell