Dear editor:

This is a copy of a message I sent to Wal-Mart about organizations that are collecting money in front of their stores. 

In many cases the representatives manning the tables and requesting funds cannot tell you where their offices are.

One group admits that they are out of Louisiana and that none of the funds collected comes back to our community or state. Others claim to have offices in Meridian but cannot give you an address closer than it is on 8th street. 

Thousands of dollars are leaving our county that could be used to support local organizations like our Boy and Girls Club or other community outreach programs. We need the money donated in Philadelphia and Neshoba County to help people in our areas. 

I have not heard from Wal-Mart. However, I have had some serious inquiries from the news media, our elected State officials and other individuals who are fed up with scams across our Nation.

I'm just a county boy but would like to see you and the city aldermen take a serious look at establishing an ordinance that stops organizations, that are not from Neshoba County, from collecting funds in front of our retail stores.

Because of individuals from Louisiana, Florida and other towns reserving time at store entrances in Philadelphia, our local organizations many times cannot collect money to support the needy from our town and communities. Thanks in advance for your support.

Ray Crocker