I would like to point out a few things I see in the city of Philadelphia that I find troubling. I live in the county, however I do all my shopping in the city and so feel my concerns are valid.

First, our local merchants have business licenses and pay their taxes. Neshoba County is not an economy of mostly rich or well off people. There is a finite amount of money that our local merchants can expect to be spent here. Every weekend, or holiday time, people park on the busiest corners in town and sell whatever out of their vehicle. This is very unfair to our merchants who serve us everyday and pay taxes. These people should be sent outside the city limits, at the very least.

Second, every time a commercial property becomes vacant, it would seem another church moves in. I do not object to church going, but how many churches does a town of 7500 people need? They are taking up property that could potentially produce revenue to the city. The old factory across from the new hospital is a good example. You have a tax exempt entity in a place that could have been an ideal addition to the health care industry. I know that empty buildings are a problem, but if too much high traffic commercial property is taken by tax exempt enterprises you still have a problem.

The last thing is the parking lot of Wal-Mart after dark. There is a lot going on there that has nothing to do with people shopping. I have talked to two women who were afraid to get out of their cars there in the last few weeks. People were "visiting" from car to car and the smell of cannabis was strong in the air. Wal-Mart has taken the place of many stores here and many people depend on it being there and open at all hours. We need to be able to feel safe in the parking lot.

Charlene Moore,