The Apostle Paul writes: “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” Peace has a wonderful sound to it because we have troubled souls and live in a troubled world. The Bible speaks of peace in various ways.

Peace with God is the best thing man can attain to, to have peace with his Maker, his Creator. Because of sin, we are not able to attain it on our own. Men speak peace to themselves, but the peace they have is a diversion to other things, not God. We need to be at peace with God. How can we have peace with God?

God speaks peace to us through Christ. Christ makes peace by the blood of his cross. Paul has emphasized what a necessary peace this is. We by nature live in the domain of darkness, and are alienated and hostile in mind toward God, doing evil deeds (1:21).Being alienated from God is to be without peace, without hope.

In Romans 5, Paul writes: “Having been justified by faith we have peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ.” When Paul says “by faith” he means the opposite of any merits achieved by man. Man has no merits before God; his sin corrupts any works. It is only by looking outside ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ can we have peace with God.

God gives peace by taking our sins and placing them on Christ, and placing Christ’s righteousness upon us. Based on this transaction, God declared us justified in his sight and having peace with him. It is required we have faith in Christ; that we come to him to have peace with God. Whoever comes to Christ not only is given peace with God (no judgment) but has fellowship, life, joy with God.

Those who come to Christ must leave all claims of righteousness of their own. More, they must reckon themselves dead to their own ways. Rather, they must now seek the will of God through Christ. It is a good way; the way of God, who is the King of ages, immortal, invisible and who will be glorified and honored by his people.

Since God finds us in a corrupt condition, it is no surprise that he works to empty us before we can become vessels to receive comfort. It is the hungry man who longs to be filled. Our souls are unfit for the comfort of Christ until our conscience is afflicted with the misery of sin. Grace abases us, and lifts us up. God’s Spirit enlightens the soul to the value of Christ.

The Lord Jesus constantly warned men about their souls: “What can a man give in exchange for his soul? What good does it do a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” The loss of the soul is no fable. Jesus came to save sinners. Salvation is a precious gift.

It is absolute verity that God’s justice will be served. But it is also true that any sinner, any hypocrite, however false or vile they may be or have been; if they admit of their sin and fall before Christ for mercy, they will be accepted. All will be forgotten and forgiven; such is the mercy of Christ. 

In the covenant of grace, God requires truth and sincerity in us, not perfection. A little fire is true fire as well as a large fire. God requires genuine faith in Christ, but not strong faith. The main thing is look to Christ; cast your lot with him. If he is high in your thoughts and heart, joy and conformity to him will follow.

In our verse, Paul says “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” That is to say, you who have been given peace with God through Christ, you are now to let peace arbitrate your disposition toward men, especially other Christians. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”

The Lord Jesus, though stern in his warning to recalcitrant sinners, is meek and gentle with burdened sinners. He knows their struggle, their laments over sin. He calls himself the “Good Shepherd.” He would have his people, his sheep, also be peaceable toward one another. Not like wolves tearing one another apart, but bearing with one another.

Peace “ruling” over us is pleasant to the soul in every way. Though this world is full of troubles, if we have peace with God, we have all. Make sure this peace for your own soul.