MARCH 19, 1937

Mr. F. L. Grubbs, county chairman of the Democratic Campaign Fund, states that he is in receipt of a communication from Mr. Everett Dix of the National Headquarters at Washington, D. C., thanking the people of this county for their splendid contributions in the campaign last summer and fall.


A successful session of the Clothing School, conducted by Miss Ouida Midkiff, clothing specialist from State College, was held for home demonstration clothing leaders and officers here Thursday and Friday. 21 representatives of 11 of the 14 home demonstration clubs of the county were in attendance.

MARCH 21, 1947

Another new business is opening this week, the Ben Franklin Store, which will be operated by Mrs. Gladys Mars and Charles Mars.

 The business will be located in the building recently vacated by Walker Chain Store on the corner of Center and Beacon streets.


Jimmy Barfoot, son of Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Barfoot was recently initiated in to the Phi Delta Theta social fraternity at the University of Mississippi.

MARCH 21, 1957

Southern Bell makes plans to bring 60 Arlington Community residents telephone service since construction of a new line into this locality was started.

Preliminary planning and engineering were recently completed, with the project also being a community effort when Arlington community citizens assisted in cutting rights-of-way, digging holes and erecting poles, it was learned this week.


Hugh Wolverton, has been named the commander of American Legion Post 138, to fill the unexpired term of Kenneth Yates, former commander, who has resigned to enter the race for alderman, of the city of Philadelphia.

MARCH 16, 1967

Members of the Nanih Waiya Mennonite Church, damaged by dynamite Dec. 23, have issued a statement of thanks to the people of Neshoba County in helping rebuild the church.


The director of the Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control Division has called on Neshoba County citizens to provide information about violations of the liquor law.

MARCH 17, 1977

Mark Bounds, a 1974 graduate of Philadelphia High School, has been elected vice-president of the Mississippi State University Student Government Association in the recent campus elections.


State Sen. Joe Mulholland was one of two attorneys named Tuesday to study Gov. Cliff Finch’s federal court challenge to a state law concerning appointments to the State Board of Health.

MARCH 25, 1987

The board of Trustees of the Philadelphia Municipal Separate School District and the school administration have begun a campaign to make parents and guardians of children living in the Philadelphia Municipal Separate School District aware of the school district they are lawfully entitled to attend.


The cause of a fire that destroyed about 30 percent of the Choctaw Central Elementary School building early Friday morning has not been discovered yet.

MARCH 19, 1997

Gov. Kirk Fordice signed a bill into law Tuesday at 5:01 p.m. creating an additional judgeship in the Eighth Circuit Court District that includes Neshoba, Newton, Leake and Scott counties.


The Neshoba County Cooperative Extension Service, the Chamber of Commerce and the Natural Resources and Conservation Service are planning a cleanup program for Neshoba County.

MARCH 14, 2007

The Mississippi Legislature has officially commended and thanked Weyerhaeuser Company for its disaster relief efforts in Mississippi and for winning a national presidential award for those efforts.


Marianna Lea and Gail Spears were the guest speakers at the February Home Arts meeting. Beth Kilgore hosted the meeting at her home while Hayley Warner and Johanna Gent co-hostesses, served caramel cake and soft drinks to club members.