Jan. 6, 1933

An emergency relief bill designed to increase farm incomes by hundreds of millions of dollars through the establishment of minimum prices on major commodities was before the House Thursday.

The bill closely approximates the domestic allotment plan drafted by farm leaders at a pre-holiday meeting attended by Henry Morgenthau, Ja., advisor of President-elect Roosevelt. It is believed to carry the ideas of the president elect.

Jan. 8, 1943

Individuals who have not yet secured War Ration Book I have until Jan. 15 to get their books before they can qualify to receive War Ration Book II, the Office of Price Administration announced this week.

New ration books can be issued by local War Price and Rationing Boards only to persons holding Ration Book I, officials said.


L.T. Carson W. Bounds, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Bounds, of the Bloomo community, cabled his parents last week from French Morocco where he is now stationed. Lt. Bounds writes that he enjoyed his boat ride, but was glad when they landed. He says that he is getting a big kick out of foreign service and will have lots to tell his family and friends when he returns. Lt. Bounds is with the U.S. Air Forces.


PFC Vernon A. Myers, U.S. Calvary, also son of David Myers, has recently been home on a 15-day furlough. He is now stationed at Marla, Texas, and says he will soon be back in the saddle.

Jan. 8, 1953

At the regular weekly meeting of the Rotary Club, Monday, Marshall Prince was named president for the coming year. C. S. Norton, now serving as president, will be vice president.


Captain Brown Williams arrived here Tuesday morning from Inchon, Korea, where he has been stationed for the past 12 months. He went by Oklahoma and joined his family, Mrs. Williams and three children, and drove on to Philadelphia.

Jan. 10, 1963

Two explosions, believed to be eight-inch sticks of dynamite, were set off in at least two different areas of the city early Wednesday morning. The first exploded at 12:10 a.m. and the second about five to ten minutes later.

The first blast was in the Woodland Hills sub-division in the street in front of the Jack Tannehill home and the other one was on Highway 16 east near the home of Dulane Gray.

Both blasts shook homes in the area and were first thought to be the result of sonic blasts from aircraft breaking the sound barrier.

Jan. 11, 1973

The Futura Club has named Mrs. Wheeler Edd Smith the most individually involved club woman of the year.

This honor came to her at the conclusion of the club year, 1972.

Mrs. Smith is a member of the Futura Club and is now serving as president.

Jan. 13, 1983

Annie Ruth Allen, long-time director of nursing service at the Neshoba County General Hospital, was honored with a tea Sunday upon her retirement.

Jan. 6, 1993

Daniel Mittan has been appointed acting Youth Services counselor with the Mississippi Department of Human Services for Winston, Neshoba and Kemper counties.

Mittan worked with Dr. Doug Herring at Green Valley Boys Ranch, a small group home in rural Winston County, from 1980 to 1984.

Jan. 8, 2003

Steve Webb, a 25-year banking veteran, retired last week as chief executive officer of The Citizens Bank of Philadelphia. He will remain as chairman of board of directors.

At the same time, Greg McKee's title changed from president and chief operating officer to that of president and chief executive officer. McKee began his career at the bank when he got a summer job and was handed a broom to clean the basement.