OCTOBER 6, 1939

The Dutch are worrying because mines are coming up on the beaches in the northern part of the Netherlands, present a problem to the Dutch authorities. With as many as 15 mines have been reported found in one day in the section of the beach. The Dutch have cause to worry and some of the mines explode as they drift towards the shore and others remain “alive” until touched off by human hands.


OCTOBER 7, 1949

L.S. Bouchillon, former Justice of the Peace District I was Tuesday named Justice for the same District by the Board of Supervisors. The office was created by the board, who under law may do so and appoint someone to serve, when the need arises. Mr. Bouchillon will assume his new duties as soon as he qualifies for the office which will be with in the next day or two.

OCTOBER 8, 1959

Winner of first place in the fall vegetable show sponsored by the Home Demonstration Clubs of Neshoba County was County Line Club who won for the sixth consecutive year. Members of the club present for the event Mrs. Dee Smith, Mrs. L. M. Skinner, Mrs. Hurron Gardner, Mrs. W. E. Butler, and Mrs. A. L. Savell.


OCTOBER 9, 1969

J.C. Williamson, Neshoba County ASCS Office Manager, has been awarded a Quality Performance Award and Certificate of Merit. Nelson White, chairman of the Neshoba County ASC committee made he presentation. The Certificate of Merit is for outstanding work with the Neshoba County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service.


OCTOBER 4, 1979

LeeAnne Marshall is crowned queen during halftime ceremonies of the Philadelphia High School’s homecoming queen. Crowning Miss Marshall is PHS student council vice president Tommy Perry. Looking on are Miss Marshall’s father, Ben Marshall, flower bearer Sasha Willis, and crown bearer Justin Mills. 

OCTOBER 11, 1989

Stacy Madison and Contina Judon were elected as Mr. and Miss Philadelphia High School. Madison is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Madison. Miss Judon is the daughter of Mrs. Peggy Judon and Levon Judon.

OCTOBER 6, 1999

Philadelphia High School teacher Jackie Sampsell is speechless after receiving a $25,000 Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award. Samples did not know she was receiving this award, or even that she had been nominated, until her name was announced by state Superintendent of Education Richard Thompson before an assembly of students, faculty, and administrators.

OCTOBER 7, 2009

Dylan Peden and Dori Peden competed in the USA Power Lifting Mississippi State Championship at Family Fitness. Dylan finished first place in his weight class with a total of 945 pounds. Dori also finished in first place in her weight class with 630 pounds.