August 17, 1934

Patrons of the 43rd annual session of the Neshoba County Fair will have no difficulty in hearing perfectly all speakers and entertainers, both at pavilion and Grandstand, throughout the five days and five nights of the Fair, as loud speakers will be available.


Much building activity and property improvement is going on in Philadelphia. A new six-room dwelling is being erected on Main Street by the Bank of Philadelphia, with Emmett Wilkinson as Contractor.

August 18, 1944

A number of teachers in the Philadelphia City Schools have not been able to obtain desirable rooms for the upcoming school session. If you have an available room in your home within reasonable walking distance to school, please call the school office, telephone number 41, and give us your name and number of rooms you would be willing to rent to the teachers.


Five Neshoba County boys have been wounded recently according to the information given out by the local chapter of the American Red Cross.

August 19, 1954

The first bale of cotton for Neshoba County for the 1954 season was brought to the Cooper Williams Gin Saturday, Aug. 14, by Hunter Poe of the Bond community.


Polio fighting funds have been drained to exhaustion seriously jeopardizing aid to polio patients, Governor Hugh L. White declared last Friday in calling upon Mississippi residents to contribute to the Emergency March of Dimes set for the last two weeks of August.

August 20, 1964

The first plant in Mississippi to make structural plywood from pine saw timber was announced today by Governor Paul B. Johnson and Tom DeWeese, President of A. DeWeese Lumber Company of Philadelphia.


A grant of $55,800 has been approved for the City of Philadelphia for two waste stabilization ponds and an interceptor sewer, it was announced this week in a teleran from Congressman Arthur Winstead.

August 22, 1974

Neshoba County figured in an investigation made public this week of alleged irregularities in the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABC).


There were 2,660 students registered in Neshoba County Schools this week, according to Prentice Copeland, superintendent of education.

August 22, 1984

Two Philadelphia men have been arrested in what was termed the "biggest cocaine bust in the history of Neshoba County."


Leake Academy began the 1984-85 school year with an enrollment of 551 students, the largest in the 14-year history of the school, school officials said.

August 17, 1994

Construction on the county's new $1.775 million jail is progressing as planned, said Mike Tingle president of the Neshoba County Board of Supervisors, Tuesday.


A public hearing on the long-awaited south bypass around Philadelphia is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 31.

August 18, 2004

Students in grades two through eight at both public schools showed measured progress in reading, language and mathematics, standardized testing results released last week show.


Phillip Martin, Chief of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians was awarded NASA's prestigious Public Service Award during a ceremony held at NASA Stennis Space Center in Bay St. Louis.