MARCH 23, 1934

Under direction of the state Library Commission, a house-to-house survey is being made of the books and library needs of the county.

MARCH 31, 1944

Capt. James C. Parkes has arrived in New Guinea and advises his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Parkes, 292 Gum St., that about the only danger his unit is in is that of coconuts falling on their heads since they are on a coconut plantation.

MARCH 25, 1954

Bond Home Demonstration Club met for the regular meeting on March 11 with Mrs. Lem Burt. The house was called to order by Mrs. Les Cox.

MARCH 26, 1964

Mrs. Harriett DeWeese and Mrs. Boots Howell were shown with a piece of the stained glass windows they and Mr. Howell constructed for the new St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church being completed this week.

MARCH 28, 1974

A bill that would help finance construction of a new Neshoba County Library has ben passed by the Mississippi legislature and sent to the governor.

March 28, 1984

Philadelphia Mayor Charles McClain receives the keys to the city's new garbage truck from Jean Griffis, owner of Griffis Ford-Mercury, where the truck chassis was purchased for $22,684.54.

March 23, 1994

Recent favorable weather has made it possible to accomplish a lot of work on construction of the Silver Star Resort and Casino on the Choctaw Indian Reservation.

Mar. 31, 2004

Beacon Street was closed to traffic for about 30 minutes early Thursday morning after a bomb threat was called in to the Huddle House. Someone called the restaurant at 7:55 a.m., and said that a bomb would go off in 15 minutes.