December 29, 1933

Mrs. O.A. Seward was the winner in the living Christmas tree contest sponsored by the Conservation Committee of the Twentieth Century Club, with Mrs. W.D. Cole as chairman.

Mrs. Seward was awarded a seven dollar Westinghouse electric iron by the Mississippi Power Company, while a cash prize of one dollar was given to her by the club.

December 31, 1943

E.K. Osborn was exhibiting a four-pound turnip this week grown in his quarter-acre turnip patch in the city. The fine turnip, of the Curley Top variety, was produced on upland and Mr. Osborn put a gunny sack around it to keep it from freezing. Mr. Osborn admitted that although is turnip croup was very fine, this four-pounder was something special

December 31, 1953

Chief of Police Ollie Hardy and his corp of officers made a total of 243 arrests during 1953, admitting 300 to he county jail.

January 2, 1964

For the second time in three weeks this area has been covered with a blanket of snow. Flurries started falling Tuesday morning about 9 a.m. and in less than two hours had automobiles covered, the ground almost completely white and created driving hazards on the street and highways

January 3, 1974

Employment in Neshoba County was estimated to be 8,030, which is 20 above the number estimated for October and 640 above the number employed in November last year.

Manufacturing employment was estimated to be 2, 730 which was 30 above the number employed in October and 530 more than the number employed in manufacturing in November one year ago.

January 4, 1984

The Economic Development Administration has approved a $424, 000 grant for renovation of the Neshoba County courthouse

Approval of the grant was announced by the office of Senator Thad Cochran, R-Miss.

December 29, 1993

With a ceremonial turn of shovels Tuesday morning, ground was broken on the Choctaw Indian Reservation for the Silver-Star Resort and Casino, the only land-based gaming facility in Mississippi

December 31, 2003

From grade school to graduate studies, Ta'Shia Shannon and Joey Kilgore remained close friends and the young attorneys join the ranks of those practicing law here now.

After graduating from the University of Mississippi School of Law in May and passing the Mississippi Bar Exam this summer, both headed back home to practice law.