Dec. 22, 1933

The Mississippi Power Company J.B. Gully, local manager, will through the Conservation Committee of the Twentieth Century Club, give a prize for the most beautifully displayed living Christmas tree in the city during the holidays. The prize offered by the Company is a seven dollar Westinghouse electric iron.


A beautiful Christmas tree has been erected in the northwest corner of the courthouse lawn, where the people of the Philadelphia community will gather on Christmas Eve at 2:30 p.m. for a special program, including singing of carols and hymns. The tree was wired through the courtesy of the Mississippi Power Company.

Dec. 24, 1943

The regular meeting of the Forest Dale Home Demonstration Club was held in the home of Mrs. J.W. Crawford, Dec. 14, 1943. The morning was spent in conversation and discussion

Dec. 24, 1953

Yes, madam, it's going to be a race, and what a prize you'll win-if, the little boy or girl, you are expecting around the first of the New Year, arrives in this world the earliest moment after mid-night December 31.

Twenty-five dollars in baby clothes-even a rattler-will be given the new one by the Neshoba Democrat to the first born baby at the Neshoba County Hospital after the stroke of 12, December 31.


"Did you pay the last month gas bill," are the eight words overworked last Tuesday morning when Philadelphia housewives arose to prepare breakfast for their families. When hubby answered that question to the satisfaction of the good wife, telephones began ringing at the local United Gas Company, to find out "what the heck is the matter with my gas."

Dec. 26, 1963

Public libraries today need more books than ever before. With the rapidly changing times and with our tremendous growth in science and technology, nonfiction books become dated quickly.


The Antioch Home Demonstration Club met in the home of Mrs. Robert Dallas, December 18th for their christmas party and dinner. There were 12 members present and two visitors. Roll call was answered with a Bible verse, being taken from Psalms. The fore-noon was spent singing Christmas carols and just visiting.

Dec. 27, 1973

Mississippi's Indians, plaqued for years with a high unemployment rate, are putting stronger-than-ever emphasis, nowadays, on increasing their employability.

They are doing this through U.S. Department of Labor manpower-training programs giving them opportunities to develop a variety of new job skills.


Cecil A. Barnett, Neshoba County Supervisor for Farmers Home Administration since Sept. 1, today announced his retirement at the end of December.

Dec. 28, 1983

Six homes in Neshoba County were destroyed by fire during the Christmas holidays, a busy time for both county and city fire departments.


The Believer's Quartet, a local gospel singing group, will celebrate their sixth anniversary with a program in the Philadelphia High School auditorium Saturday night.

Dec. 22, 1993

Philadelphia shoppers are in a buying mood this season.

Several Philadelphia merchants said this week that sales at almost all stores were higher than during the same period last year.


Garbage pickup has become a hot topic for residents living in Neshoba County.

County residents living outside of Philadelphia and Union will be charged a monthly $7 fee for the pickup of household garbage effective Jan. 1, 1994.

Dec. 24, 2003

A little boy drop off a dollar bill at City Hall and more than 47, 000 pennies collected by school children arrived by wagon last week as part of the community wide effort to raise more than $4000 to bring a National Guard unit training for war in Iraq home for Christmas.


Eight people were formally appointed to the Philadelphia Historic Commission by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen last week.