DEC. 8, 1933

The Sheriff's office reported a heavy volume of tax collections for 1933 for the month of November.

Collections for November 1933 have been $10,758.79 as against $3,008.66 for November 1932, showing three and one-half times more collections for the current year than for 1932.

DEC. 10, 1943

B. J. Milling was elected president of the Philadelphia Exchange at t club's regular weekly luncheon meet at the Benwalt Hotel.

DEC. 10, 1953

Frank Lee Simpson, son of Celia Simpson, Rt. 4, is at the Military Police Replacement Training Center at Camp Gordon, Ga. He will spend the next 16 weeks receiving expert instruction that will qualify him to become a member of the elite military Police Corps.

DEC. 12, 1963

Bob Parks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Parks, student at the University of Mississippi, was recently elected vice president by his class in pharmacy.

Bob finished high school here in 1959 and was prominent in school activities.

DEC. 13, 1973

The board of trustees of the Philadelphia Municipal Separate School District announced Wednesday that Charles W. Shumake, superintendent of schools, had requested that he be released from his contract, effective June 30, 1974.

DEC. 14, 1983

Philadelphia's general fund was $1,864 richer this week because of five shoplifters found guilty Monday in city court of stealing $60 worth of merchandise.

DEC. 1, 1993

Cheerleaders at Neshoba Central High School are Roshanda Monroe, Shannon Chaney, Monica Peeler, Kerri Sherman, Brandy Agent, Tosha Thomas, Sherica Spivey, Eve Chapman, Mandy Goldman and Jennifer Thomas.