NOV. 24, 1933

Drs. J. McCloskey and W. M. Dansby attended a special meeting of the Mississippi Optometric Association held the first of the week in the office of Dr. A. A. Schamber in Meridian.


The Neshoba County civil Works Administration board met at the courthouse here Tuesday for the purpose of organizing and discussing a county program under the new federal set up.

Mayor J. K. Gillis was elected chairman of the board.

NOV. 26, 1943

Naval Aviation Cadet Billie Dees of Philadelphia has completed three months of physical conditioning and ground school work at the U. S. Navy Pre-Flight School here. He has been ordered to the Naval Air Station at Memphis, Tenn., to begin progressive flight training preparatory to joining a combat unit.


PFC. Mary M. Huston, WAC, daughter of Mrs. Hester Huston of this city, has recently enjoyed a 15-day furlough with relatives and friends. PFC Huston has been in service nine months and is stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas.

NOV. 26, 1953

Three Philadelphia students at MSCW made the honor roll for the first nine weeks. They are Mary Lou Mayo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvis Mayo who is a junior and made straight A's; Charlene Peebles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carley Peebles, senior, made an A average as did Fay Lott, senior, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Lott.


John Mooney, the 190-pound fullback for Philadelphia, now leads the Choctaw conference in total points scored for the season. W. H. "Duck" Banks is in third position for the conference.

NOV. 28, 1963

MRS. W. F. Cole, chairman of the clean-up committee of the Chamber of Commerce, says "now that the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is nearing, we should make an extra effort to make our town more pleasant to the eye."


Airman Henry E. Sisson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sammie R. Sisson, of Rt. 3, Philadelphia, is being reassigned to Amarillo AFB, Texas, for technical training as a United States Air Force aircraft maintenance specialist.

NOV. 29, 1973

A tornado and severe winds caused extensive damage in several areas of Neshoba County Tuesday. The most extensive damage was done to Billy Kilpatrick's dairy farm in the Waldo community about 2 p.m. when a tornado touched down.

At the Kilpatrick dairy, the roof and sides of the milk barn were blown away. The tractor shed and horse barn were destroyed and minor damage was done to the home.

The winds lifted one cow, carried her across the highway and set her down in a field.

She wasn't hurt, but she was pretty disturbed," Mrs. Kilpatrick said.

NOV. 30, 1983

A drive began Tuesday morning to raise $40,580 as the local share of a proposed $101,450 "local history" addition to the Philadelphia-Neshoba County Public Library.


Congressman G. V. (Sonny) Montgomery was in Philadelphia and Neshoba County Monday where he visited many of his friends. At noon he met with the Philadelphia Rotary Club.

NOV. 24, 1993

Screaming girls, frightened animals, haunted dorm rooms - Johnnie Cumberland has seen just abut anything imaginable in her 20 years at Mississippi University for Women, the last three as director of residence life.


The Weyerhaeuser float was named the best overall winner during Philadelphia's annual holiday parade Monday evening.

DEC. 3, 2003

The 3.6 million courthouse renovation that is months behind schedule will be completed by the end of the year, the architect in charge of the project assured the Board of Supervisors on Monday.


Philadelphia's Shenique Brass is pictured working her way past Ana Rushing of Neshoba Central in last week's game.