SEPT. 8, 1933

For the girls in the Philadelphia High School desiring further training in home economics, a third year class of study which offers institutional home economics has been added.

Girls are carefully selected for this class, the first requirement being to have two years of home economics.


Mars. Bros. has this week completed the remodeling of their store throughout ad will hold open house on Friday, Sept. 8 between the hours of 7:30 and 9 p.m.

SEPT. 10, 1943

Barney B. Peebles Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Peebles of this city, has finished his recruit training as honor man o f his company at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. He is at home on short leave.


Announcement was made this week that Mr. H. M. Ingram had purchased the business known as the Philadelphia Dry Cleaners form its former owner, Mr. Max Hand.


After having operated the Standard Dry Cleans for some time, Elmer Dees has sold that establishment to C. J. Fleming who will conduct the business in the same stand n the corner of Beacon Street and Byrd Avenue.

Sept. 10, 1953

Circuit Clerk Burdette Richardson's criminal docket lists a total of 50 cases which are scheduled to be tried at the September term of circuit court which convenes here Monday, Sept. 21.

Only one murder case is scheduled leading all other offenses which will be tried at this term of court, is "false pretense" with 15 cases docketed resulting from the passing of bad checks. Thirteen defendants will be tried for possession of intoxicating liquors.

Other cases include unlawful cutting of timber, grand larceny, drunken driving, burglary, arson and reckless driving.

Sept. 13, 1973

The gas shortage has come to Philadelphia and Neshoba County in a modified form that does not warrant panic, but that does suggest conservation of gas.

For instance, this week the Dixie station near the Neshoba County General Hospital had a "Closed" sign on it, reportedly due to the lack of gas.

Sept. 15, 1993

Library Director Bill Martin and Genealogy and History Librarian Theresa Ridout look over a copy of Steve Stubbs' new book, To My Children, Stubbs gave the library 100 copies to sell and keep the proceeds for its own use.

Sept. 10, 2003

In an emotional send-off ceremony at the armory and as hundreds of well-wishers lined city streets for a parade, a National Guard maintenance company based here was deployed Friday to support a new, sophisticated, light-weiht Army brigade scheduled to deploy to Iraq this fall.