Aug. 27, 1943

The two liberty-loving Americans pictured above are sons of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Lundy, both of whom are aiding in the defeat of the Axis powers. PVT. Zander W. Lundy, left, was inducted in the Army Jan. 6, 1943, and is now stationed in the Hawaiian Islands. His wife and three children reside with his parents in East Philadelphia. CPL. Aldon H. Lundy, right, has been in the Army since Jan. 4, 1941, and is now stationed at Ft. Dix. N. J. His wife resides in Trenton, N. J.

Aug. 27, 1953

Everyone loves a parade, and the largest parade ever held in Philadelphia will be Thursday. The above "Band Wagon" from Mobile Shrine Temple, will be here and atop it will be some of the Shrine's best and loudest musicians. The ceremonial will be under direction of Potentate C. H. "Shine" Hays. Several outstanding bands will participate in the long parade, as many Novices will complete their degree work that day and become full-fledged Shriners.

Sept. 5, 1963

Vegetables are growing big this year and as proof, Mrs. O. M. Nicholson shows a mammouth banana squash that grew in her garden this summer. The giant vegetable weighs 42 1/2 pounds and is about 31 inches long.

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson planted the vine in the wettest part of the garden in the spring. The seed was a gift of their neighbor, Mrs. Albert Petty on Meridian RFD 5.

Mrs. Petty also sent some seed to Arkansas and reports are that the squash are doing well in that state.

Aug. 30, 1973

Cheerleaders of Neshoba Central High School are, bottom, left to right, Cathy McLain, Pam Breland, Betty Gentry, Peggy Miller and Denise Davis. Top row, Cindy McLain, Kathy Thomas and Janice Williamson. The first game of the season will be against Forest Sept. 7 at Neshoba Central.

Sept. 1, 1993

A western-style rodeo is the Saturday night attraction for numerous Neshoba Countians and has been for six years at an arena owned by the Lovern family in the Arlington community.

A dusty road leads rodeo lovers to the event held each Saturday night from April through September.

Aug. 27, 2003

Philadelphia saw a noted increase in sales tax collections in June, when compared to the same month in 2002.

Meanwhile, Neshoba County's unemployment rate climbed two-tenths of a percentage point in June while the state jobless rate rose at a much faster rate.