Dec. 30, 1932

Miss Nelie Ross was awarded the prize of the Conservation Committee of The Twentieth Century Club, for the most beautiful living Christmas tree, displayed during the holiday season, in this city.

The tree was displayed on the lawn at the Ross home on Poplar Ave., and had as its only embellishment a gorgeous display of electric lights, which at night cast a glow, representing a snow-laden tree. The tree was a cedrus-deodara.


Pearl River is again on a rampage near Jackson, with other Mississippi rivers on the rise, including the mighty Mississippi itself.

Flood warnings have been issued in five states, embracing Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina, as steady rains fell over the entire section last Tuesday and Tuesday night.

Jan. 1, 1943

President Roosevelt was reported in Congressional quarters to be preparing drastic cuts in non-war expenditures of the federal government for presentation to Congress.

He was expected to outline a program for retrenchment in these outlays in his annual message "on the State of the Union," which he plans to deliver in person to a joint session of the Senate and House Jan. 7.

Jan. 1 1953

Captain Frank M. Blackwell of Philadelphia is being called to active duty with the army, according to the Public Information Officer at the Mississippi Military District in Jackson.

Dr. Blackwell is scheduled to report to Medical Field Service School, Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, on Jan. 4.

Jan. 3, 1963

First baby of the New Year is being welcomed by his proud "Mama", Mrs. Paul B. Johnson and head nurse, Mrs. Annie Ruth Allen of the Neshoba County Hospital where Master Jeffrey Wayne Johnson made his official appearance to become Neshoba County's "First Baby Of The Year." Master Johnson was born late Tuesday, Jan. 1 at 8:25 p.m. to the Johnsons, who live on the Columbus Road, Route 3.

Jan. 4, 1973

This parking lot on the old hospital property behind Citizens Bank (on Center Avenue) has been made available by Citizens Bank for public parking to help alleviate traffic congestion in town. Approximately 30 to 40 cars can park here. Other areas will be made available where possible, said Richard E. Day, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Retail Trade Committee.

Jan. 6, 1983

David R. Morris, photojournalist/documentarian of Amherst, Mass., was in the city Tuesday to photograph Philadelphia's Marcus Dupree and his younger brother, Reggie, for the cover of the upcoming book, "The Courting of Marcus Dupree."

The book is scheduled to be completed in early February and should be available in the area in mid July. The book is being written by the photographer's father, distinguished Mississippi Writer Willie Morris of Oxford.

Dec. 30, 1992

Just over $1,000 was raised from a bazaar sale at the Neshoba County-Philadelphia Museum, Inc., which was used to help pay for renovation of the museum, said President Mazine M. Winstead.

The museum, on Water Avenue, is the former Woodward-Fields home, and was recently purchased for a city-county historical museum. The structure was built shortly after the Civil War.

Jan. 1, 2003

Workers with the Philadelphia, Neshoba County Parks system and of few volunteers stayed busy the past month replacing the first section of floor in the gymnasium of the former Booker T. Washington School. Hired contractor Bo Sledge, and Norman Simmons helped install about 1,500 square feet of new flooring in the gym while as much of the original floor as possible is salvaged. Officials hope to complete the repairs before youth league basketball programs are scheduled to begin in February.