The Government seizing telephone records belonging to Associated Press reporters and editors is a chilling intrusion that tramples the First Amendment.

Our worst fears about Big Government run amok seem to be coming true with the AP incident and word last week the Internal Revenue Service singled out conservative groups for more scrutiny.

This broad overreach by the Government is disturbing and demands Congressional investigation.

The ambush of a news organization and this level of interference with its Constitutional rights to gather and report the news is unprecedented in American history, intrusions normally seen in countries under totalitarian or authoritarian rule.

Are we living in a new police state?

The IRS scandal is an ideological attack in which the Government has no business engaging.

The Obama administration seems to have crossed a line conservatives have been complaining about for months.

Can we trust the Government?

Has this administration been forthright about the terrorist attack in Benghazi eight month ago on Sept. 11?

Bending the truth, President Obama said at a press conference on Monday that he initially referred to the Benghazi attacks as "terrorism."

Well, he used the word "terror" generically in the Rose Garden on Sept. 12.

And for the next two weeks, he went on a media tour blaming a video, including in an interview recorded Sept. 12 with "60 Minutes." Obama told Steve Kroft that "it's too early to know" whether the attack was terrorism.

The President then went on "The View," Univision and David Letterman peddling the video narrative. At the United Nations, he condemned a "crude and disgusting" video but not a single word about terrorism.

Benghazi, the IRS and the AP don't add up to transparency.

For the sake of the Republic, Congress has a duty to investigate thoroughly and independently these abuses of government power and deception.