A hearty welcome to the thousands who are here for The Neshoba County Fair this week, most especially to our native Neshoba countians drawn back home by the strong bonds of kinship and friendship.

There is no place on earth like the Fair. So many aspects of life and human emotion converge and just about everything is done in excess at some point during the week.

Fairgoers know it is nearly impossible to accurately describe, even in a sentence or two, without leaving out something important.

The economic impact is huge.

The Fair is, among other things, a grand celebration of our kinships and friendships, simple pleasures like those delicious cookies brought every year, grandmother's lasagna, the chicken salad or that tasty shrimp dip.

The Fair is the smell, the mule pull and hamburger night, the flea market, the cake walk, the cobbler, the races, the bugle call and just visiting for hours on end.

The Fair is a reunion, it's beauty queens, romance and long, rambling conversations.

The Fair is sitting on a porch reading "The Cat in the Hat" to a four-year-old or making the trek for a midnight corn dog from Lindsey's. The Fair is a jam session on the porch.

The Fair is gathering around the piano for the late night sing at the pavilion tonight. It's the politics today - and again tomorrow.

The Fair is falling off the top bunk stone-cold sober - or for some, maybe not. The Fair is togetherness, real togetherness in a confined space for a week. It's a gazillion, bajillion trips to the midway.

The Fair is the honk of the ice truck, it's the dance, the fireworks, rolling out Saturday morning relieved it's over but a tinge sad.

We're glad you are here. Enjoy the Fair!