The Republican establishment swooped in so swiftly and united to decapitate Chris McDaniel that they've alienated good soldiers by insinuating they're whack-jobs if they don't fall in line immediately without discussion about the $18 trillion debt.

Liberals saw to it long ago that "Tea Party" bears a nasty connotation associated with the fringe. The GOP establishment has piled on since December. But the truth is, nationally, many fiscal conservatives remain frustrated. Some may or may not vote GOP in the future. These voters may or may not identify with the so-called fringe groups.

As far as winning elections, it's like separating the wheat from the chaff for the GOP. A political agenda that lacks any will to compromise is fatal. A position so arrogant it demonizes good and useful soldiers is equally fatal. Moderates will play a pivotal role in the Senate primary and in future U.S. elections or the country is headed for full-blown socialism.

Little good will come from the current GOP bloodbath. The infighting could hand the Democrats a victory in November along with the U.S. Senate. Therefore, these times require extraordinary leadership.